What is Ministry in a Digital Age?

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The majority of the world now lives in a digital age. Connections, influence, and ideas originate just as much, if not more, from digital media than personal relationships. As the church aims to be faithful to the Great Commission in this new digital context, ministry leaders are asking, “What is Ministry in a Digital Age?”

The following section explores proclamation evangelism, scripture engagement, church forms, ministry data, and discipleship in a digital age.


Over a two-year period, the Lausanne Movement held a series of Global Listening calls and conducted a global survey of 1,500 leaders.

Discipleship Report

In a survey asking 1,500 global Lausanne leaders their perception of the adequacy of discipleship in their context, results showed a varied perception across several sectors.

Worship Engagement

Worship attendance is lower than religious identification.

Prayer Engagement

Prayer engagement is more frequent than worship attendance.

Youth Affiliation

In recent decades, in many parts of the world, the youngest generation is affiliated with Christianity and religion less than previous generations.

Youth Worship Attendance

In every region, individuals between 18-39 attend weekly church services less than individuals 40+, no matter how high or low the overall percentage of weekly attendance of the region.

Youth Daily Prayer

In every region, younger individuals are less engaged in daily prayer.

Youth Spirituality

Despite the gap between youth and older generations in prayer engagement, talking to God in prayer is a top priority for Christian youth.