Lausanne Generations is committed not only to equipping younger leaders for global mission, but fostering intergenerational collaboration across the Lausanne Movement and beyond.

As we strive to fulfil Jesus’ command to disciple people from all nations, tribes, and languages, we also seek to deepen our comprehension of His promise: “I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Recognising the generational aspect inherent in the Great Commission, we aim to embrace its full scope.

Intergenerational Collaboration

Intergenerational collaboration highlights the importance of different generations working together in leadership which is critical for the mission of the church both now and into future generations.


YLGen is a ten-year commitment to strategically partner with younger leaders and to connect them more intentionally to Lausanne issue networks, regions, resources, and mentors, as well as to one another through peer groups.

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The next Younger Leaders Gathering in 2026 (YLG’26) will invite younger leaders together to implement mission strategy and promote intergenerational collaboration. This event is a crucial opportunity for reflection and action toward accelerating global mission.

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