What is Sustainable?

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The preceding century has seen a rise of more products, more people, more energy, more debt, more work, and more expectations. This burden of more has led the world and the church to begin to ask, ‘What is sustainable?’

The following section explores the context shifts of sustainability in the world and Christianity, including cultural influence, creation care, debt ratios, and health.

Creation Care

Wealthy democracies demonstrate a high commitment to all areas of sustainability.

Global Debt Ratios

Global debt as a percentage of global GDP has moved up from roughly 100 percent in 1970 to well over 350 percent in 2020 – and the rate of increase is accelerating.

Global Health

Global access to health is uneven across the world, with the global west having the most.

Mental Health

Mental health conditions are a universal need, with a total of 970 million, or one in eight, global individuals living with a mental health condition.