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Accelerating Global Mission Together

The Lausanne Movement podcast brings you insights from a global community of Christian influencers to help advance the gospel, foster thriving churches, nurture Christlike leaders, and catalyse kingdom impact across all spheres of society.

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Latest Episode

The State of the Great Commission Report: The Current State and Future Trajectory of Global Mission with Dr. Matthew Niermann

“The questions that the church is attending to are not the questions that will most shape the world.” -Dr Matthew Niermann

More Episodes

David Bennett & Evi Rodemann on Lausanne’s Seoul 2024 Congress, advice for young leaders, planning impactful events, networking, and collaboration in global mission

Evi and David explore the importance of gatherings for building relationships, fostering spiritual growth, and empowering believers to live out their calling to take the gospel to the world.

Collaborative Action Teams: Mobilising the Church to Close Gaps and Seize Opportunities in Global Mission with Jurie Kriel and Jiyoung Yoo

A new initiative within the Lausanne Movement that aims to mobilise groups of believers to take action in closing gaps and seizing opportunities in our obedience to Jesus’ Great Commission.

Theology and Mission: A Conversation with Dr. Chris Wright and Dr. Ivor Poobalan on The Lausanne Movement’s Theological Influence on Global Mission

Two leading voices in the global evangelical community delve into the crucial role of theology in shaping global missions.

Unpacking 50 Years: The Legacy of the Lausanne Movement with Doug Birdsall and Ramez Atallahhere

Doug and Ramez share personal encounters with iconic figures such as Billy Graham, Thomas Zimmerman, and John Stott, while also unpacking the rich legacy of the Lausanne Movement.

The Vision of the Lausanne Movement: Accelerating Global Mission Together

From stirring historical stories to key challenges ahead, Michael paints a vivid picture of the Movement’s purpose and vision of uniting the global church in addressing the challenges and opportunities in the Great Commission.