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The Lausanne Movement Podcast brings you insights from a global community of Christian influencers to help advance the gospel, foster thriving churches, nurture Christlike leaders, and catalyse kingdom impact across all spheres of society.

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Latest Episode

Decolonizing Theology and Embracing Your True Christian Identity with Rei Lemuel Crizaldo

Rei shares his personal journey, insights on contextualising faith, and practical steps for overcoming what he describes as ‘colonial captivity’.

More Episodes

Lessons from a Mission-Minded CEO: Bridging Workplace and Faith with Bob Doll

We delve into the concept of viewing the workplace as a mission field. Bob shares his personal journey, insights from influential books, and practical examples of living out faith in everyday work.

Arab Women Transforming Theological Education With Grace Al-Zoughbi Arteen

Dr. Grace Al-Zoughbi Arteen, a leading Arab Theologian, shares her inspiring journey of how growing up in Bethlehem, Palestine shaped her faith and explores how theological education empowers women and fosters a more inclusive faith for the global church.

Engaging & Mobilising Gen Z for Christ with Jordan Whitmer

In this inspiring episode, we dive into the heart of the How to Life Movement with its founder, Jordan Whitmer. From a singular event as a 16-year-old in Arkansas to a global movement, Jordan shares the journey, challenges, and incredible stories of Gen Z’s passion for authenticity and impact.

Digital Mission: Fulfilling the Great Commission in the Digital Age with Ricky George

Ricky shares his powerful story of overcoming depression and suicidal thoughts to discover God’s calling for his life: equipping the church with technology for impactful ministry.

The Power of Intentional Prayer with Dr. Jason Hubbard

Dr. Jason Hubbard, the leader of International Prayer Connect, shares how he was once a prayerless pastor of a prayerless church, and tells of his journey turning to God in intentional prayer.

Justice Reimagined: Faithful Advocacy in Light of the Great Commission with Ruth Padilla DeBorst & Matthew Niermann

Dr. Padilla DeBorst challenges the evangelical community to rethink the connection between the Great Commission and justice, emphasising love and the Great Commandment as foundational to the Gospel.

Where Does Hope Lie? Exploring Global Shifts and Engaging Islam with Matthew Niermann & Tharwat Wahba

In this episode of the Lausanne Movement Podcast we explore the topic of hope and its connection to global mission, with a special focus on Islam.

Sustainability in Global Mission: Exploring the Question of Sustainability and Creation Care with Matthew Niermann & Jasmine Kwong

Jasmine and Matthew weave together the theological and practical dimensions of how Christians could live out their faith more faithfully in today’s world, offering practical steps we can take in integrating Creation Care into our ministries and daily lives.

Developing Cross-Cultural Intelligence: Lessons from Serving in One of the World’s Largest Student Ministries with Richard Coleman

Richard Coleman, a missionary with TMS Global, shares his inspiring journey from a call to missions as a teenager to now serving in one of the worlds largest student ministries in Ethiopia.

Grit, Grace, and Global Mission with George Verwer [A Commemorative Episode]

In this special episode of the Lausanne Movement podcast, we’re privileged to present a previously unpublished interview with George Verwer, the inspirational founder of Operation Mobilization, and Justin Schell, Director of Executive Projects at the Lausanne Movement. 

Pioneer Church Planting: Establishing Churches on the Frontlines and Why Discipleship is the Ultimate Goal with Ron Anderson

In this episode of the Lausanne Movement Podcast, we explore “Pioneer Church Planting” with Ron Anderson, a seasoned church planter whose work has extended over four decades in Spain. His journey is a testament to faithful resilience in a region largely indifferent to the gospel message.

The Ministry of Reconciliation: Bridging Divides between Israelis and Palestinians with Salim Munayer

In this episode of the Lausanne Movement Podcast, we explore the seemingly impossible task of reconciliation among Israelis and Palestinians with Professor Salim Munayer.

North American Christianity & Global Missions: Challenges, Contributions, and the need for Connection with Trevin Wax

This episode dives deep into the changing landscape of Christianity in North America with Dr. Trevin Wax, a renowned author, scholar, and leader within the North American Mission Board.

Transforming Communities: Integral Mission and Holistic Development in Nepal with Kumar Aryal

In this episode, we host Kumar Aryal, the founder of Himalayan Hope Foundation. Kumar shares deep insights into blending evangelism with social action and his passion for holistic development. 

Activate Local Generosity: Transform Your Fundraising through Support Development with Kehinde Ojo

Discover how reframing fundraising as “support development” can unlock new possibilities and foster true collaboration with Kehinde Ojo, IFES Indigenous Support Development Program Director.

Mastering the Art of Faith-Driven Fundraising: Best Practices, Networking and Raising Global and Local Support with Barbara Shantz

Join us as we explore this topic with Barbara Shantz, a seasoned fundraiser and founder of GiveWayVisioneering. In this profound conversation, Barbara shares her journey and offers practical advice for aligning fundraising with Christian values.

Unlocking Generosity: Biblical Stewardship & Fundraising Strategies for Ministry Leaders with Redina Kolaneci

On this week’s episode of the Lausanne Movement Podcast we host Redina Kolaneci, founder and director of Christian Fundraising Consultancy, who shares powerful insights and actionable tips.

Integrating Work & Faith: Whole-Life Discipleship & Challenging the Sacred-Secular Divide with Mark Greene

Is your work just a job, or could it be your calling? Join former Executive Director of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC), Mark Greene, as he dismantles the “work vs. faith” divide. Discover how integrating faith into your daily work can transform your career and make a real impact on the world around you.

City Transformation: Next-Gen Leadership, Prison Enterprise & Creative Mission with Dr. Tim Tucker

On this episode of the Lausanne Movement Podcast, we hear from Dr. Tim Tucker, CEO for The Message Trust South Africa and Africa Development Director The Message Trust , as he shares his journey of launching a ministry driven to see community transformation within one of the most economically unequal cities in the world.

Connect your Local Ministry with the Global Church: Host a Congress Satellite Site

Today on the podcast, we are joined by Justin Schell, Director of Executive Projects at Lausanne, as he unveils Lausanne’s Satellite Sites initiative for the upcoming Fourth Lausanne Congress in South Korea.

Reimagining Community: Engaging Migrants, Refugees, and the Diaspora in the Great Commission

What happens when your neighbours become strangers overnight? The world is witnessing dramatic shifts in where people call home, who their neighbours are, and the very definition of “community.”.

Redeeming Human Identity: Exploring the Intersection of Scripture, AI, Biotechnology, Gender and Human Sexuality with Dr. Carmen Imes & Dr. Matthew Niermann

This is a defining question for younger generations. In this episode of the Lausanne Movement Podcast, we explore this crucial topic in light of shifting global perspectives on AI, biotechnology, gender, and sexuality.

The Dynamics of Trust: How the Global Trust Deficit Impacts Mission, the Rise in Self-Trust, the Impact of Echo Chambers on Gospel Outreach & the Role of Church in Rebuilding Trustworthy Communities with Dave Benson & Matthew Niermann.

Dr. Dave Benson, Director of Culture and Discipleship at the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity, helps us explore these cultural trends and offers practical strategies for the Church to proactively foster and reestablish trust within its communities.

Attila Nyári on Church Planting in Hungary, Pastoral Succession Planning, Building a Digital Ministry, and Serving in a Global Movement

Attila Nyári shares insights from his journey in faith, beginning as he transitioned from a career in the corporate industry to ministry. He talks about the lessons he learned in the business sector that helped him in ministry.

Delphine Fanfon on Leading with Vulnerability and Humility, Lessons from the African Church, Reaching the Next Generation, Cultivating Identity and Purpose in Christ, and Moving Forward from Failure

Delphine Fanon, shares her journey from being a pastor’s daughter in Cameroon to becoming an influential leader in spiritual and community development. She shares personal experiences and insights on the vulnerabilities and strengths of African leadership.

The Art of Whole Life Mentorship: An Interview with Ole-Magnus Olasfrud

Ole-Magnus unpacks the significant role of mentorship and discipleship in his life and spiritual growth, emphasising the importance of relationships, scriptural guidance, and prayer in mentoring.

Adapting to Global Demographic Shifts: Engaging and Empowering the Next Generation in the Great Commission with Pearl Ganta & Matthew Niermann

Through her work in media, filmmaking, and with the Apnao Foundation, Pearl sheds light on how these demographic changes demand creative approaches to Christian engagement and discipleship.

Emerging Digital Frontier: Amplifying the Gospel’s Impact through Technology

Today, 60% of the world’s population have access to the internet. Simon encourages Christians to harness the power of their digital spaces for spreading the good news of Jesus.

Faithfully Navigating the Digital Age: Technology,Theology and Spiritual Formation

Dive deep into the intersection of theology, culture, and technology with Jonas Kurlberg and Dr. Matthew Niermann.

The State of the Great Commission Report: The Current State and Future Trajectory of Global Mission with Dr. Matthew Niermann.

Dr. Niermann, blending his passion for architectural design with mission work, epitomises the integration of faith and profession, providing a unique perspective on the current state of global missions.

David Bennett & Evi Rodemann on Lausanne’s Seoul 2024 Congress, advice for young leaders, planning impactful events, networking, and collaboration in global mission

Evi and David explore the importance of gatherings for building relationships, fostering spiritual growth, and empowering believers to live out their calling to take the gospel to the world.

Collaborative Action Teams: Mobilising the Church to Close Gaps and Seize Opportunities in Global Mission with Jurie Kriel and Jiyoung Yoo

A new initiative within the Lausanne Movement that aims to mobilise groups of believers to take action in closing gaps and seizing opportunities in our obedience to Jesus’ Great Commission.

Theology and Mission: A Conversation with Dr. Chris Wright and Dr. Ivor Poobalan on The Lausanne Movement’s Theological Influence on Global Mission

Two leading voices in the global evangelical community delve into the crucial role of theology in shaping global missions.

Unpacking 50 Years: The Legacy of the Lausanne Movement with Doug Birdsall and Ramez Atallahhere

Doug and Ramez share personal encounters with iconic figures such as Billy Graham, Thomas Zimmerman, and John Stott, while also unpacking the rich legacy of the Lausanne Movement.

The Vision of the Lausanne Movement: Accelerating Global Mission Together

From stirring historical stories to key challenges ahead, Michael paints a vivid picture of the Movement’s purpose and vision of uniting the global church in addressing the challenges and opportunities in the Great Commission.