What is Polycentric Christianity?

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Christianity is a dynamic and living faith which has experienced notable global shifts in the last 100 years, and including the growth of Christianity in the Global South, the rise of Pentecostalism, and the continued addition of denominations, leading to the question, ‘What is Polycentric Christianity?’

The following section explores the contextual shifts towards a global polycentric Christianity.

Christian Growth

Observing the average annual rate of change per year, by 2050, Africa is projected to have the highest percentage of global Christians.

Christian Traditions

Pentecostal and charismatic expressions of Christianity are the leading edge of Christian growth around the world.

Christian Denominations

The percentage growth of denominations is higher or equal to the percentage of growth of the Christian population and growth of congregations since 1900.

Structures of Formation

Africa and Latin America remain under-resourced with theological schools.