Gathering together has been a core activity of the Lausanne Movement since its very beginning. Together we are better—harnessing our different strengths and perspectives to achieve missional advancement for the sake of God’s kingdom.

Regional gatherings aim to deepen the listening process in each region, identify key missional action points, promote and practice fruitful collaboration, gather accurate data to inform The State of the Great Commission Report, and guide strategic planning toward 2050.

Generations Conversation

As the next generation prepares to accelerate global mission towards 2050, the Generations Conversation gathering facilitates intentional intergenerational connecting, convening, communities, and collaboration for global mission in the coming decades.

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Seoul-Incheon 2024 Congress

The Fourth Congress on World Evangelisation, known also as Seoul-Incheon 2024, will call the global church to collaborative action for the sake of the kingdom of God. Thousands of key global mission influencers from every nation on earth will gather in Incheon, South Korea, from 22-28 September 2024.

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Congress Virtual Experience

Virtual participants have the flexibility to participate in Seoul-Incheon 2024 from wherever you are, meaning that family, work, scheduling, and financial obstacles are less of a barrier to participate in this ‘once in a generation’ event.

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YLG 2026

The fourth Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering will be held in 2026. This once-in-a-generation gathering is a display of Lausanne’s commitment to invest in younger leaders and ensure that healthy inter-generational relationships are established for the sake of the gospel.

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