Global Christianity

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% Christian Affiliation* By Country

Source: World Christian Database, Accessed May 2023; *Graph reports Christian affiliation, or membership, not belief, practice, or theological beliefs

Young Africa, Aging West

Sub-Saharan Africa’s youthful Christian population ensures the region’s centrality to global Christian growth for decades to come. Christianity will increasingly be a religion of the aged in Europe and North America.

The Americas

Countries in the Western Hemisphere maintain their centrality to the world Christian movement even as Western European nations fall out of the top ten for the first time in modern history.

Growth and Decline

Over the past century, Christianity witnessed its most marked growth in Sub-Saharan Africa and its most marked decline in the Middle East, North Africa, and Western Europe.

% of Global Christianity

Ranking of Countries

Source: World Christian Database, Accessed May 2023

Median Age

Source: Pew Center, The Future of World Religions, 2015

Lowest % Christian

Countries with Lowest % Christian

Source: World Christian Database, Accessed May 2023