What is Community?

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For a growing number of individuals in the world, where they call home, what home looks like, and who their neighbors are is dramatically changing. These fundamental shifts in place and populations bring forth the fundamental question, ‘What is community?’ 

The following section explores the context shifts in community including migration, refugees, international students, growth of cities, and informal settlements.


The number of international migrants has increased in all UN regions, with Europe, Asia, and North America as the primary destinations.

Religious Migration

Despite high migration numbers, Christian migration is not anticipated to affect regional religious affiliation percentages between 2020 and 2050 due to the balance between immigration and emigration.


Total global refugee numbers experienced a marked rise after 2010.

International Students

International student numbers have steadily grown each year since the early 2000s.


The world is now majority urban, with Asia and Africa driving global urbanization.

Informal Settlements

Informal settlements are the fastest growing aspect of urban life.