Our process of listening includes a number of intentional activities that engage us in listening to God, through Scripture and prayer, as well as to one another.

The Lausanne 4 listening process seeks to gather information around five key questions:

What are the most significant missional gaps and remaining opportunities?

What promising breakthroughs and innovations can accelerate global mission?

In what areas is greater missional collaboration most critical?

Where is further research needed?

Whom else should we be listening to as part of this process?

What Is the Listening Process?

Listening to God’s Word Together

We invite the global church to join in the public reading of Scripture through our weekly Listening to God’s Word Together (L2G) calls.

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Praying for the Global Church

Listening to God through prayer is an integral activity that covers every aspect of the Lausanne 4 Journey. Guided by the Lausanne Intercession Working Group, we invite the global church to pray for a different region of the world each month.

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Global Listening Calls

We hold listening calls, inviting evangelical leaders of the world by region and issue network, in preparation for the Fourth Lausanne Congress.

Listening Reports

Following the global listening calls and further focus group meetings, two extensive Global Listening Reports have been produced. These reports summarise the findings of the Global Listening Team with a particular focus on the five questions listed above. 

Why Is the Listening Process Important?


We want to hear the input of voices from every corner of the globe as we gauge how to effectively disciple the nations and prepare the next generation to continue to fulfil the great commission in their regions, contexts, and cultures.

State of the Great Commission Report

In early 2024 a diverse team of missiologists will publish a preliminary culmination of our listening, research, and gatherings, known as The State of the Great Commission Report.

Seoul Statement

Informed by the listening process, this key document is expected to emerge from the Seoul-Incheon 2024 Congress. It  will sound a call for collaborative action for the sake of God’s mission as an active response to the Lausanne 4 Journey.

Collaborative Action Teams Commitment

The commitment that will help align the global church towards implementing action as a result of the Lausanne 4 Journey and Collaborative Action Teams.



Regions, Issue Networks and Generations hosted more than 35 global listening calls, resulting in a detailed report.



Regional teams, Issue Networks and YLGen transitioned from listening to strategies, while the Global Listening Team analyzed responses, comparisons, matrices, global themes, theological themes, prayer, opportunities, and reports.


Regional teams, Issue Networks and Generations engaged in planning for 2023, research, networking/listening, and cross-connecting, while the Prayer Mobilisation and Theology Working groups addressed listening themes.


The Lausanne Generations Conversation (LGC23) took place, and regional meetings were held to address gaps, innovations, and collaborations.


The Global Synthesis Gathering and the Seoul-Incheon 2024 Congress will take place.


The global listening team is co-led by Eiko Takamizawa and Steve Sang-Cheol Moon

Femi Adeleye
Sarah Starrenburg
Laurence Ko
Lisa Loden

Victor Nakah
Steve Chang
Ruslan Zagidulin
Stanley Clark

Elias Ghazal
Emmanuel Oumaru
Victor Lee
Jim Memory