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The Lausanne 4 Journey and Seoul 2024

‘Lausanne 4 is a multi-year, global, polycentric process facilitated by the platform of Lausanne, towards catalytic collaboration of the global church, for the discipling of all nations and the shaping of the world in 2050.’
Michael Oh, Global Executive Director / CEO

The Fourth Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization, to be held in Seoul, South Korea, in September 2024, is only one part of the larger Lausanne 4 journey. We invite the global church to join in this journey, which includes ongoing cycles of listening, gathering, and acting—together—toward seeing our fourfold vision fulfilled.


More than ever before, our mission remains sharply focused on a vision we have held to since 1974:

  • The Gospel for Every Person

  • Disciple-Making Churches for Every People and Place

  • Christ-Like Leaders for Every Church and Sector

  • Kingdom Impact in Every Sphere of Society


Our process of listening includes a number of intentional activities that engage us in listening to God, through Scripture and prayer, as well as to one another.

Listening Process

The Lausanne 4 listening process seeks to gather information around five key questions:

  • What are the most significant missional gaps and remaining opportunities?
  • What promising breakthroughs and innovations can accelerate global mission?
  • In what areas is greater missional collaboration most critical?
  • Where is further research needed?
  • Whom else should we be listening to as part of this process?

Between September 2020 and July 2021 our regions and issue networks hosted more than 35 global listening calls, resulting in a detailed report.

Listening to God’s Word Together

We invite the global church to join in the public reading of Scripture through our weekly Listening to God’s Word Together (L2G) calls.

The State of the Great Commission Report

In early 2024 a diverse team of missiologists will publish a preliminary culmination of our listening, research, and gatherings, known as The State of the Great Commission Report.


Gathering together has been a core activity of the Lausanne Movement since its very beginning. Together we are better—harnessing our different strengths and perspectives to achieve missional advancement for the sake of God’s kingdom.

Regional gatherings throughout 2023 will aim to deepen the listening process in each region, identify key missional action points, promote and practice fruitful collaboration, gather accurate data to inform The State of the Great Commission Report, and guide strategic planning toward 2050. The dates of these gatherings that are unconfirmed will be updated in the coming weeks.

Regional Gatherings

  • Generations Conversation

    As the next generation prepares to accelerate global mission towards 2050, the Generations Conversation gathering will facilitate intentional intergenerational connecting, convening, communities, and collaboration for global mission in the coming decades. It will be held in the US in early 2023.

  • Global Synthesis Gathering

    A Global Synthesis Gathering will be held in early 2024 to reflect on the listening process and regional gatherings, with input from Lausanne issue networks and the generations. A major focus of this gathering will be to discern critical global priorities in view of the approach of 2050.

  • Seoul 2024 Congress

    The Fourth Congress on World Evangelisation, known also as Seoul 2024, will call the global church to collaborative action for the sake of the kingdom of God. Thousands of key global mission influencers from every nation on earth will gather in Seoul, South Korea, from 22-28 September 2024.

  • YLG 2026

    The fourth Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering will be held in 2026. This once-in-a-generation gathering is a display of Lausanne’s commitment to invest in younger leaders and ensure that healthy inter-generational relationships are established for the sake of the gospel.


Our response to God’s mission requires action. Our ultimate objective is to catalyse collaboration within the global church, spark the accelerated discipleship of all nations and next generations, and shape the world of 2050 and beyond.

Our prayer is that the Seoul 2024 Congress will catalyze thousands of people to form collaborative action teams (Nehemiah Teams) to accelerate global mission. Further updates about these teams are coming soon. 


Listening to God through prayer is an integral activity that covers every aspect of the Lausanne 4 journey. Guided by the Lausanne Intercession Working Group, various prayer initiatives are currently underway ahead of the 2023 regional gatherings.

God is directing the Lausanne 4 journey and guiding the faithful response of every person involved. Join us in praying that Lausanne 4 would see global mission accelerated to the glory of God as the gospel of Jesus Christ advances around the world.