Financial Giving

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Global Inequality

Europe, North America, and much of Oceania remain the wealthiest regions in the world. Many Gulf nations are also wealthy but vast divides exist in those nations between the rich and the poor. Western nations drive charitable giving, although growing economies in Asia are pushing increases in giving in the Global South. Despite great wealth existing in the Christian community, a sliver of that wealth goes to Christian causes with a tiny percentage invested in global missions.

Gross Domestic Product Per Capita

Source: OurWorldInData, 2020; K = Thousand

Christian Spending

Source: World Christian Database, “Status of Global Christianity in the Context of 1900 – 2050,” 2022; T = Trillion, See p. 941 for ecclesiastical crime definition

Church Income By Region

Source: World Christian Encyclopedia, 2022, pg. 941; B = Billion

Christian Inequality

Comparing church income by region versus the regions where Christianity is growing reveals stark financial and resource inequalities in the global church. Most Western Christian wealth stays within the Western church.

As Christianity continues to grow in the Global South while shrinking in the Global North, addressing financial disparities in the global church is a key issue.

One of the primary consequences of the divide is an abundance of investment in a declining Christianity and a growing Christianity institutionally hamstrung by minimal resources.