Pioneer Church Planting: Establishing Churches on the Frontlines and Why Discipleship is the Ultimate Goal with Ron Anderson

What does it take to plant churches in some of the world’s most secular regions?

In this episode of the Lausanne Movement Podcast, we explore “Pioneer Church Planting” with Ron Anderson, a seasoned church planter whose work has extended over four decades in Spain. His journey is a testament to faithful resilience in a region largely indifferent to the gospel message.

Ron delves into:

  • The distinctiveness of “Pioneer Church Planting” compared to traditional “Church Planting”
  • The critical shift in perspective from merely planting churches to actively making disciples
  • Effective strategies for disciple-making
  • Essential qualities for a successful church planter
  • The significance of collaborative efforts

Ron reflects on crucial moments of personal faith, transitioning from attempts to replicate church models to a deeper understanding of discipleship’s essence, alongside the challenges and victories in fulfilling God’s vision to establish 30 churches in the province of Cordoba, Spain. He underscores discipleship, collaboration, and fidelity to God’s vision, providing valuable insights for those called to missionary work.

This episode offers invaluable insights for anyone interested in:

  • The complexities and strategies of church planting in challenging regions like Spain
  • How discipleship can transform evangelical work
  • The value of community and collaboration in ministry
  • Practical guidance for aspiring disciples and church planters

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Guests in This Episode

Ron Anderson

Ron Anderson was born and raised in Guatemala where his parents ministered with the Maya Quiche people. He received a BA from Asbury University and later an MAS from Azusa Pacific University. Together with his wife Brenda, he has been involved in ministries related to church planting in Europe, particularly Spain, since 1978.

In addition to being a Lausanne catalyst for church planting, Ron is the European church planting consultant and trainer for the European Christian Mission International and coordinator of the national platform for church planters in Spain. Ron and Brenda are both involved in a local church planting project in the area of Madrid, Spain.

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