Activate Local Generosity: Transform Your Fundraising through Support Development with Kehinde Ojo

Ever wondered how you could raise more support in your local ministry context?

Discover how reframing fundraising as “support development” can unlock new possibilities and foster true collaboration with Kehinde Ojo, IFES Indigenous Support Development Program Director. This episode offers fresh perspectives on mobilising resources for God’s kingdom, combining personal stories, biblical insights, and practical advice.

Key Takeaways:

  • Shift Perspective: Reframe fundraising as “support development” for a more inclusive and collaborative approach.
  • Unlock Local Generosity: Discover practical tips to cultivate support within your own community, including utilising diverse partners like churches, families, and Christian organisations.
  • Prioritise God: Ground your strategies in prayer and faith, focusing on God’s vision and provision.

Join Kehinde as he dives into:

  • His unique journey and insights on reframing fundraising
  • The role of “support development” within IFES
  • The power of vision casting and local partnerships
  • Fostering interdependence and inclusivity in resource mobilisation
  • The importance of prayer and planning in effective support development

Ready to transform your fundraising approach?

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Guests in This Episode

Kehinde Ojo

Kehinde Ojo is the IFES program director for indigenous support development. Kehinde was born and raised in southwestern Nigeria. He became a Christian during university through the witness of NIFES (IFES Nigeria). He then got fully involved, became trained and discipled. On graduation in 1991, he served as a volunteer for one year before joining NIFES as a full-time staff worker. He served with NIFES for 18 years in different roles and in different parts of the country.

In 2011 Kehinde was invited by IFES to pioneer a new global program to help national movements in IFES become sustainable in their local fundraising for ministry effectiveness. His brief included developing a work plan for the program and identifying and equipping a global team to work with him. He trains and mentor leaders regularly in the Africa, Eurasia, Caribbean, and Latin America regions of IFES.

Kehinde was part of the committee that planned and organised the Nigeria-Lausanne Congress 2013. He has written articles on generosity and resource mobilization and actively participates in the Lausanne Ministry Fundraising Network. Kehinde wants to see a new generation of godly and effective leaders raised for the nations. Kehinde and his family live in Abuja, Nigeria.

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