The Art of Whole Life Mentorship: An Interview with Ole-Magnus Olasfrud

Are you passionate about mentorship and discipleship?

In this episode of the Lausanne Movement Podcast, we sit down with Ole-Magnus Olasfrud, a seasoned spiritual mentor, who shares his personal journey from a challenging childhood in Norway to his role as a spiritual mentor and Senior Coordinator for Lausanne’s Younger Leaders Generation. Ole-Magnus unpacks the significant role of mentorship and discipleship in his life and spiritual growth, emphasising the importance of relationships, scriptural guidance, and prayer in mentoring. 

According to Ole-Magnus, the essence of mentoring lies in nurturing the whole life, caring for an individual’s spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

He discusses the foundational principles of mentoring, which include building relationships, studying Scripture, and fostering a culture of mutual learning. Additionally, Ole-Magnus provides insights on how to initiate and conclude mentoring relationships in a healthy and effective manner. He enriches the discussion with anecdotes from his extensive experience and talks about his ongoing work with Lausanne’s Younger Leaders Generation.

If discipleship or mentorship is your passion, then this podcast episode is for you.

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Ole-Magnus Olafsrud

Ole-Magnus Olafsrud is from Norway and serves with the Lausanne Movement and Barnabas Focus, after 50 years with The Navigators. He and his team work to mobilise mentors for generational disciple-making through equipped whole-life mentoring of younger leaders for global mission.