Theology and Mission: A Conversation with Dr. Chris Wright and Dr. Ivor Poobalan on The Lausanne Movement’s Theological Influence on Global Mission

In this episode of the Lausanne Movement Podcast, we interview Dr. Chris Wright and Dr. Ivor Poobalan, two leading voices in the global evangelical community. They delve into the crucial role of theology in shaping global missions.

Dr. Wright serves as the International Director of Langham Partnership International and is a respected theologian and missiologist. He shares his insights into the core themes of the Lausanne Covenant, the Manila Manifesto, and the Cape Town Commitment, discussing their significant impact on global missions over the past five decades.

Dr. Poobalan is the Principal of the Colombo Theological Seminary (CTS) in Sri Lanka and a member of the Lausanne Theological Working Group. He reflects on how his experiences in Sri Lanka have influenced his understanding of theology and mission. Dr. Poobalan also provides insights into the upcoming Seoul Statement and shares his hopes for the future of the global evangelical community.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the Lausanne Movement, global missions, or the intersection of theology and mission.

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Guests in This Episode

Dr. Chris Wright

Dr. CHRISTOPHER J. H. WRIGHT serves as the Global Ambassador and Ministry Director of Langham Partnership. Previously, he held the position of Principal at All Nations Christian College in Ware, UK. Prior to this role, he taught at Union Biblical Seminary in Pune, India. Dr. Wright has also served as the former chair of Lausanne’s Theological Working Group and played a pivotal role as the Chief Architect of the Cape Town Commitment.

Dr. Ivor Poobalan

Ivor Poobalan has been serving as the Principal of Colombo Theological Seminary (CTS) in Sri Lanka since 1998. CTS is an evangelical, interdenominational, trilingual seminary. Ivor is a graduate of the London School of Theology (UK), Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (USA) with a ThM in Old Testament and Semitic Languages, and the University of Cape Town (South Africa) where he earned his PhD in Religious Studies. In addition to his role at CTS, Ivor is an active leader at Kollupitiya Methodist Church, where he primarily ministers through preaching, youth guidance, and teaching 13-17 year olds in Sunday School. Furthermore, he serves as the Co-Chair of the Theology Working Group of the Lausanne Movement.

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