City Transformation: Next-Gen Leadership, Prison Enterprise & Creative Mission with Dr. Tim Tucker

Imagine vibrant cities where young people thrive, empowered by faith and equipped to break the cycle of crime within their communities. This is a vision that the Message Trust is proactively seeking to bring into reality in Cape Town, South Africa.

On this episode of the Lausanne Movement Podcast, we hear from Dr. Tim Tucker, CEO for The Message Trust South Africa and Africa Development Director The Message Trust , as he shares his journey of launching a ministry driven to see community transformation within one of the most economically unequal cities in the world.

In this episode, we explore:

  • Prison Enterprise Ministry: Discover how their programs empower young offenders, creating environments for spiritual growth and equipping them with skills for reintegration.
  • Unleashing local leadership: See how The Message Trust partners with local churches, fostering cross-cultural collaboration and building vibrant communities.
  • Bold gospel proclamation: Experience the power of clear, unwavering faith in transforming hearts and dismantling barriers to the gospel.
  • Practical advice for aspiring ministers: Tim shares wisdom and encouragement for young individuals feeling called to ministry.
  • The power of incarnational mission: Witness the impact of being present and engaged within the community, demonstrating tangible love and support.

Join us for this inspiring conversation filled with challenges, triumphs, and hope. Learn how faith, leadership, and community engagement can come together to transform lives and shape a brighter future for Africa and beyond.

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Guests in This Episode

Dr. Tim Tucker

Dr. Tim Tucker, Africa Development Director for The Message Trust, hails from the UK and has lived in Cape Town since 1998. With a PhD in Practical Theology from North-West University, he’s led Christian non-profits since 2001, focusing on leadership development and potential fulfilment. Tim is the author of Grab a Towel, Grief and Grace, Finding Life After Death.

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