Unlocking Innovation: Insights for Leading Nonprofits into the Future with Dave Raley

In what ways can nonprofit and church leaders harness the power of innovation to accelerate their mission?

In this episode of the Lausanne Movement Podcast we sit down with Dave Raley, founder of Imago Consulting and co-host of the Purpose and Profit Podcast. They explore the importance of innovation in nonprofit organisations; the myths surrounding it; and practical steps leaders can take to foster a culture of innovation.

Dave shares his journey, insights on organisational life cycles, and tips for leveraging current trends to stay relevant and impactful.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Organisational Life Cycle Curve: Understanding the stages of growth, plateau, and decline, and how to create new opportunities for growth.
  • Innovation Myths Debunked: Innovation is not just about new technology or ideas; it’s about doing the right things in the right way and leveraging both big and small improvements.
  • Practical Steps for Leaders: Identifying bright spots, using the Working Genius model to understand team dynamics, and focusing on being faithful in small tasks.
  • Emerging Trends: The impact of the subscription economy on donor behaviour and the potential of artificial intelligence in enhancing nonprofit operations.

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Guests in This Episode

Dave Raley

Dave is the executive vice president at Masterworks, a marketing agency based outside Seattle that serves Christian ministries around the world. He is responsible for strategy, digital, innovation, analytics, and media. For more than a decade, he has helped drive results for over 50 regional, national, and international non-profits. He’s a regular conference speaker and blogger, and has pioneered a roundtable of top leaders in the industry in the digital space.

Dave is an elder at Newlife Church, based in Silverdale, Washington. He is married to Heather and is father to two daughters, Paige and Emma. 

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