The State of the Great Commission Report: The Current State and Future Trajectory of Global Mission with Dr. Matthew Niermann.

The questions that the church is attending to are not the questions that will most shape the world” -Dr Matthew Niermann

In today’s episode of the Lausanne Movement Podcast, we delve into the upcoming State of the Great Commission Report, directed by Dr. Matthew Niermann.

Dr. Niermann, blending his passion for architectural design with mission work, epitomises the integration of faith and profession, providing a unique perspective on the current state of global missions.

During our discussion, he reveals the backstory of the report and guides us through the current state and future trajectory of global missions up to 2050. He emphasises the critical questions facing the global church and sheds light on potential implications for regional missions, urging us to challenge conventional thought and inspire transformative action.

Don’t miss this enthralling episode, where insights and creativity intersect, presenting a new viewpoint on the Great Commission and encouraging active engagement in its realisation.

Questions that will shape 2050:

  1. What is polycentric Christianity?
  2. Where does hope lie?
  3. What is the foundation of trust?
  4. What are the emerging demographics?
  5. What is community?
  6. What is fair and just?
  7. What is sustainable?
  8. What does it mean to be human?
  9. What is a digital life?
  10. What is ministry in a digital age?

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Guests in This Episode

Matthew Niermann

Matthew Niermann has served the Lausanne Movement since 2010 in a variety of roles including research and operations. He is currently serving as the director of the State of the Great Commission Report for Lausanne 4. In addition, he serves as a dean and professor of architectural design at California Baptist University, where his research partially focuses on the relationship between creativity and Christian witness.

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