Faithfully Navigating the Digital Age: Technology, Theology and Spiritual Formation

In this episode of the Lausanne Movement Podcast, we dive deep into the intersection of theology, culture, and technology with Jonas Kurlberg and Dr. Matthew Niermann. We explore the major shifts unfolding in the digital space and the profound opportunities and challenges technology presents in shaping our lives, faith, and understanding of God. We unpack how technological advancements shape human formation, community growth, and decision-making processes. More importantly, Jonas challenges us to shift our perspective, seeing the digital landscape not as a threat, but as a significant aspect of our context in which we live out our faith.

If you are a Christian who seeks to embody Christ and help others live faithfully in this digital age, then this podcast episode is for you.

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Guests in This Episode

Jonas Kurlberg

Jonas is the director for postgraduate studies and a tutor in theology at Spurgeon’s College, London. His primary research interest is in the nexus between Christian faith and digital culture. He is chair of the Global Network for Digital Theology and an honorary fellow at the department of theology and religion, Durham University.

Matthew Niermann

Matthew Niermann has served the Lausanne Movement since 2010 in a variety of roles including research and operations. He is currently serving as the director of the State of the Great Commission Report for Lausanne 4. In addition, he serves as a dean and professor of architectural design at California Baptist University, where his research partially focuses on the relationship between creativity and Christian witness.

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