Integrating Work & Faith: Whole-Life Discipleship & Challenging the Sacred-Secular Divide with Mark Greene

Is your work just a job, or could it be your calling? Join former Executive Director of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC), Mark Greene, as he dismantles the “work vs. faith” divide. Discover how integrating faith into your daily work can transform your career and make a real impact on the world around you.

Get practical strategies to:

  • Live out your faith seamlessly in your workplace.
  • Overcome common challenges to whole life discipleship.
  • Unlock your true potential and find purpose in every task.

Mark shares his personal journey, inspiring stories, and powerful biblical insights to equip you to make a difference where you are.

Listen and learn:

  • How everyday work can become your personal ministry.
  • Practical steps to bridge the gap between faith and work.
  • The impact of whole life discipleship on individuals and communities.
  • The future of faith and work, and how YOU can be a part of it.

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Guests in This Episode

Mark Greene

Mark Greene, Mission Champion and former Executive Director of the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC), has led a movement reaching hundreds of thousands with the whole-life discipleship message. Author of “Thank God It’s Monday” and “Fruitfulness on the Frontline,” he was Vice-Principal at the London School of Theology before joining LICC and spent a decade in advertising in London and New York.

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