North American Christianity & Global Missions: Challenges, Contributions, and the need for Connection with Trevin Wax

Is the US church losing its global influence, or is its role simply evolving?

This episode dives deep into the changing landscape of Christianity in North America with Dr. Trevin Wax, a renowned author, scholar, and leader within the North American Mission Board.

Trevin offers a multifaceted perspective, exploring:

  • The Evolving US Church: We discuss the challenges facing American Christianity, the vital role of global missionaries working within the US, and the unique contributions North American churches bring to the global body of Christ.
  • Experience from the Field: Trevin reflects on his own experiences as a missionary in Romania, laying the foundation to his ministry.
  • Tips for Aspiring Authors:  Beyond his work in missions and academia, Trevin is a prolific writer. He shares his personal approach to writing, including:
    • The driving force behind his work: passion and purpose.
    • How to navigate criticism and feedback constructively.
    • Actionable advice for aspiring writers.

This episode is perfect for anyone interested in:

  • The future of Christianity in North America.
  • The interconnected nature of the global church.
  • Practical writing tips from a successful author.

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Guests in This Episode

Trevin Wax

Trevin Wax is vice president of research and resource development at the North American Mission Board and a visiting professor at Cedarville University. A former missionary to Romania, Trevin is a regular columnist at The Gospel Coalition and has contributed to The Washington Post, Religion News Service, World, and Christianity Today. He has taught courses on mission and ministry at Wheaton College and has lectured on Christianity and culture at Oxford University. He is a founding editor of The Gospel Project, has served as publisher for the Christian Standard Bible, and is the author of multiple books, including The Thrill of Orthodoxy, The Multi-Directional Leader, Rethink Your Self, This Is Our Time, and Gospel Centered Teaching. His podcast is Reconstructing Faith. He and his wife, Corina, have three children. You can follow him on Twitter or Facebook, or receive his columns via email.

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