Collaborative Action Teams: Mobilising the Church to Close Gaps and Seize Opportunities in Global Mission with Jurie Kriel and Jiyoung Yoo

In this episode of the Lausanne Movement Podcast, we talk to Jurie Kriel and Jiyoung Yoo about collaborative action teams, a new initiative within the Lausanne Movement that aims to mobilise groups of believers to take action in closing gaps and seizing opportunities in our obedience to Jesus’ Great Commission.

Jurie and Jiyoung, who are both key leaders in the Collaborative Action Leadership Forum, share their insights on what collaborative action teams are, why they are important, and how to get involved. They also discuss the challenges and opportunities of collaborative action, and offer practical advice for leaders.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone who is passionate about accelerating global mission and seeing the world transformed by the gospel.

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Jurie Kriel

Jurie Kriel serves as the Global Director for Collaboration at the Lausanne Movement. Locally, he is part of the pastoral leadership team at Shoreline Church in Austin, Texas. On the international stage, Jurie heads NXTMove, an organisation committed to gathering business and church leaders to reverse the negative trajectory of Christianity for the next generation.

Jiyoung Yoo

Jiyoung currently resides in South Korea, where she serves as the operator and manager of a Christian publishing company, With Jesus Press. She holds the position of Secretary for the Lausanne Younger Leaders Generation in Korea, is a co-leader of the Collaborative Action Leadership Forum, and serves as an Associate Director for the Lausanne Movement’s 2024 Seoul Gathering.