The Lausanne Global Secularization Initiative addresses the increasing secularization of society around the world, a trend closely tied to the globalization of culture, especially among urban youth.

The emerging Global Youth Culture, connected by consumerism, social media, and the entertainment industry, forms the largest global culture ever to exist. It spans the globe, embracing the same values, listening to the same music, subscribing to the same YouTube channels, and following the same influencers on social media.

This global culture is largely influenced by one predominant worldview – Secular Humanism – which affirms that God is irrelevant and man is at the center. In this relativistic culture, we are god and consumerism is our religion.  This is a generation that does not look to the Church for answers, but believes it to be a dead and empty tradition of the past. Either there is no God or, if he exists, he doesn’t interfere with our lives.

The Global Youth Culture presents a unique challenge to missions worldwide because of the large cultural gap that exists between the Church and secularized youth in society. This demographic is not limited to post-Christian regions like Europe or the USA. It is impacting cultures in urban centers of every region of the world, including the Middle East, Asia, and Africa.

The Global Secularization Initiative is building a network of missional leaders actively engaged in reaching secularized society around the world, producing content (books, articles, videos, etc.) to bring awareness and training resources, and encouraging and facilitating collaborative opportunities for action.

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Aaron Pierce

Advocate for the Global Secularization Initiative

Aaron is the Executive Director of Steiger International, a worldwide mission organization that is called to reach and disciple the Global Youth Culture for Jesus. Aaron oversees the strategic direction, participates in evangelistic tours around the world, teaches at training events, develops new ministry partnerships, and more. He grew up in Amsterdam and currently lives in Minnesota (US) with his wife and three children.


Luke Greenwood

Advocate for the Global Secularization Initiative

As the European Director for Steiger International, Luke envisions seeing Jesus proclaimed to young people all over the continent through establishing dynamic missionary teams and local church partnerships in every key urban centre. Luke speaks at churches and conferences frequently and teaches each year at Steiger Missions School. He and his wife Ania and their two children currently live in Wrocław, Poland.


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