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Connecting and equipping the global Body of Christ to accomplish God’s mission together.

In our increasingly interconnected world, God is uniting the church like never before in history to accelerate the advance of the gospel to all peoples. God has designed the Body of Christ to work together, and when we do, he pours out his blessing to bring life forevermore (Ps 133). Kingdom collaboration has proven to reduce duplication of effort, maximize Kingdom resources, and bring diverse groups together to solve complex problems that cannot be addressed by individual organizations.

We envision a future where every ministry is working in unity with others to accomplish God’s mission; where Global North and South are effectively partnering, resources and credit are shared, and mission strategies are jointly developed so the whole gospel can go to the whole world.

The Ministry Collaboration Network, in partnership with visionSynergy, develops leaders who are uniquely prepared for that future. We provide training, coaching, and resources that equip Christian leaders with the skills and knowledge to build effective mission networks. Our resources include courses, webinars, books, articles, guides, and other publications.

Partnership in mission is not only about efficiency. It is the strategic and practical outworking of our shared submission to Jesus Christ as Lord. Too often we have engaged in mission in ways that prioritize and preserve our own identities (ethnic, denominational, theological, etc), and have failed to submit our passions and preferences to our one Lord and Master. The supremacy and centrality of Christ in our mission must be more than a confession of faith; it must also govern our strategy, practice and unity. The Cape Town Commitment II-F-2

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Catalyst for Ministry Collaboration

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Catalyst for Ministry Collaboration

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