Integrity and Anti-Corruption

Do people of integrity still exist?

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The call to personal integrity is about bringing the whole of life into alignment with the person, the teaching, and the example of Jesus Christ. Jesus is Lord of all. There is no sector of society, no corner of creation, no aspect of personal life that Christ does not claim as his. Not finances, not business, not sexuality, not motives. Integrity is about wholeness on the personal level.

Global Integrity Network (GIN), an issue network of the Lausanne Movement and the World Evangelical Alliance, recognizes the opportunity to build common ground with those who do not yet believe and to prepare the way for the proclamation and further demonstration of the gospel. GIN also has an opportunity to rally the global church and its leaders, so that the church does not through its hypocrisy and its lack of integrity undermine or undo all that is being done to bear witness to the good news of Jesus throughout the world.

Let us strive for a culture of full integrity and transparency. We will choose to walk in the light and truth of God, for the Lord tests the heart and is pleased with integrity. The Cape Town Commitment II-E-4, II-E-1

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