80% of the world prefers to learn through oral-visual means.

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Eighty percent of the world’s population are oral communicators, people from all walks of life and all levels of education who primarily use spoken rather than written words to receive, process, remember, and pass on information. While some rely on oral communication out of necessity, others simply prefer non-textual forms of communication.

International Orality Network (ION), an issue network of the Lausanne Movement, is an affiliation of agencies and organizations working together with the common goal of making God’s Word available to oral communicators in culturally appropriate ways that enable church planting movements everywhere. ION works to influence the body of Christ to encourage all oral communicators to follow Jesus.

The majority of the world’s population are oral communicators, who cannot or do not learn through literate means, and more than half of them are among the unreached. The Cape Town Commitment II-D-2

God Speaks Podcast

Conversations on orality and the gospel. Hosted by the Lausanne Orality Network.

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