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Where 99 percent of the global church engages the world with the gospel.

The workplace movement was first addressed by Lausanne in 1989. Since that time, we have witnessed the birth of thousands of workplace ministries with a local and regional focus. The workplace was formally recognized ‘as a part of God’s good purpose’ at Lausanne 3 in 2010. A recent and equally important development was the Global Workplace Forum held in Manila in 2019.

Historically, the workplace has been key to the Great Commission. In today’s culture, God’s people need to establish an effective presence in their workplace, whether it is the living room or the board room. This requires developing whole-life disciples committed to unleashing the power of the gospel at work. The Workplace Ministry Network is constantly identifying innovative resources, collaborative partners, and inspiring examples of faith at work. So, we ask you to join us.

As stated in The Cape Town Commitment (CTC II-A-3):

  • We encourage all believers to affirm their work as ministry.
  • We challenge workers to take their skills, trades, talents, and professions globally, where the church cannot go for the glory of God.
  • We recommend that church leaders support and recognize the workplace as a mission field.
  • We urge the body of Christ to pray for Christians in the workplace, business, and professions.

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Catalyst for Workplace Ministry

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