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How is the church influencing the greatest influence in the world?

The Lausanne Media Engagement Network aims towards equipping the global church to engage with media. We address three facets of media engagement:

  1. Media Awareness: Carefully interacting with messages and technologies in the world of media
  2. Media Presence: Intentionally being influencers with integrity within the mainstream media
  3. Media Ministries: Sensitively communicating a holistic biblical worldview through contextualised media

How could our life, work, and witness shape communities by engaging well with media? The resources of the Lausanne Media Engagement Network can help each of us to explore our role and our relationship with media.

We commit ourselves to a renewed critical and creative engagement with media and technology, as part of making the case for the truth of Christ in our media cultures. We must do so as God’s ambassadors of truth, grace, love, peace and justice. The Cape Town Commitment II-A-4

Network Catalysts

Lars Dahle

Lausanne Catalyst for Media Engagement

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Rudolf Kabutz

Catalyst for Media Engagement

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30 Sep - 2 Oct 2024 | Seoul, South Korea
How do you engage well with media? Join us at the Lausanne Media Engagement Forum to uncover societal worldviews within media, create impactful messages through storytelling, and become a meaningful gospel voice using media. Learn to provide media influence and build valuable discipleship relationships in media. Explore media engagement…

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