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To, for, and with children-at-risk.

Hundreds of millions of children in every region of the world face significant risks, but each one is much more than a victim or a tragic label. Each child is a multi-faceted human being, created in God’s image, endowed with gifts, who can meaningfully participate as a co-labourer in church and mission. The global church is taking notice and rising up to seriously address the importance of children, particularly children-at-risk.

The Lausanne Children-at-Risk Network is dedicated to motivating the global church to fulfill the mandates of The Cape Town Commitment regarding children:

A. Take children seriously, through fresh biblical and theological enquiry [. . .]
B. Seek to train people and provide resources to meet the needs of children worldwide [. . .]
C. Expose, resist, and take action against all abuse of children [. . .]
(CTC II.D.5)

Network Catalysts

Phil Green

Catalyst for Children at Risk

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Michelle Sheba Tolentino

Catalyst for Children at Risk

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