Difficult Terms: 'Orality'

In this new series of short videos from the Lausanne Movement, we define key missional terms in an easy-to-understand way. ‘Orality’ is oft-spoken about in the missional world these days, but what does it really mean? Lausanne Catalysts for Orality William ‘Billy’ Coppedge, Samuel Chiang, and Ricki Gidoomal join us for this episode in clarifying what we mean – and don’t mean – when we discuss orality.

Speakers' Bios

Ricki Gidoomal

Ricki Gidoomal serves as executive vice president of academic and partner services for Whole Word Institute and as a Lausanne catalyst for orality, and was a co-author and film producer of Master Storyteller: God’s Oral Communication in the Bible & Hebrew Tradition (COS/Lausanne).

He graduated from the University of Oxford with an MA (Oxon) in Russian and linguistics and has extensive experience in business, communications, and marketing, running marketing and translation agencies that served several multinational companies and NGOs.

Ricki grew up in the UK and has lived, worked, and ministered in English, Russian, Spanish, and Hebrew contexts. Currently Ricki and his wife live in Israel. They have three children and co-lead a local congregation.

Billy Coppedge

Billy Coppedge and his wife Joanna have lived and worked in Uganda for many years with World Gospel Mission. They are passionate about helping people encounter Jesus through God's Word.

Billy has a PhD in World Christianity from the University of Edinburgh with his research focusing primarily on orality and Scripture engagement in Ugandan Christianity. He and his co-Lausanne Catalysts for Orality facilitate the orality-themed podcast at God Speaks: Conversations on Orality and the Gospel

Samuel Chiang

Samuel was born in Taiwan, grew up and worked in Canada (Ernst & Young), and graduated from Dallas Seminary where he now serves on its board. He served with the church in China and has written extensively on China. He has also authored book chapters in diverse genres including innovation, orality, and persecution. Formerly the CEO of Seed Company, currently he is the Lausanne catalyst for orality and is also the founder and principal of Karam Labs. He and his wife, Robbi, live in the United States.