Difficult Terms: 'Ministry Fundraising'

In this new series of short videos from the Lausanne Movement, we define key missional terms in an easy-to-understand way. Redina Kolaneci, catalyst for ministry fundraising, unpacks the difficult term ‘ministry fundraising’ in this episode. She shows that fundraising is a spiritual activity and a ministry, and that through our giving, we can mirror the generous heart of Christ. Learn more about the Lausanne Movement’s Ministry Fundraising Network: https://lausanne.org/networks/issues/…

Speaker's Bio

Redina Kolaneci

Redina is the founder of Christian Fundraising Consultancy based in the UK. She is passionate about helping church and ministry leaders see stewardship and fundraising as part of God’s plan for their ministry and raise more funds for their mission causes.

For over two decades, Redina has taught and trained hundreds of local church and ministry leaders on biblical principles of stewardship, on growing generous givers in the local church, and much more. She was the first-ever Stewardship education consultant serving with Stewardship Services (now Stewardship) and is the author of What Does Love Require?, a series of Bible studies on generosity. She also created a stewardship resource pack for local churches titled Re-discovering the Joy of Giving.

She holds a bachelor's degree in philosophy from the University of Tirana, Albania, and a master’s degree in theology from Spurgeon’s College in London.

Redina lives in Colchester, UK, but is often travelling to Europe and Australia providing training, consulting, and coaching to ministry leaders and fundraisers.