People are migrating as never before; either voluntarily in pursuit of economic and educational opportunities, or involuntarily due to forced escape from famine, wars, ethnic cleansing, or religious persecution. The new technologies of transportation and telecommunications and the new realities of trade, labor, and finances are resulting in unprecedented human mobility. In spite of new barriers and laws trying to curtail movements, people are moving in record numbers in every direction.

God is also moving powerfully among people on the move. God is sovereign over human dispersion, and the movement of people has reshaped Christianity throughout its history. Christianity has always been on the move as it can never be held captive to any people, culture, or geography. Dispersion brings people closer to the gospel of Jesus Christ, and diasporization is creating new momentum for furtherance of the gospel everywhere.

The Cape Town Congress in 2010 recognized ‘Diaspora’ as a strategic focus area for the global church with the appointment of a new Catalyst for Diasporas and the creation of the Global Diaspora Network (GDN) to advance God’s mission to, through, and beyond diasporas worldwide.

Migration is one of the great global realities of our era. It is estimated that 200 million people are living outside their countries of origin, voluntarily or involuntarily. The Cape Town Commitment II-C-5

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