YLGen is a ten-year commitment to strategically partner with younger leaders and to connect them more intentionally to Lausanne issue networks, regions, resources, and mentors, as well as to one another through peer groups.

Mission and Vision

At the heart of YLGen is the mission ‘to connect influencers and ideas across generations for global mission so that the world may know Christ!’ In pursuing this mission, YLGen hopes and prays for three outcomes. These are:


Through connections with experienced, godly leaders, we hope younger leaders would grow to live and lead like Jesus, in humility, integrity, and simplicity. We want them to be Christ-like leaders.


We help each younger leader grow connections within the Movement, marked with the spirit of Lausanne—in humility, friendship, study, prayer, partnership, and hope. Through intentional discipleship, we desire to help them be Christ-serving leaders.


We want each younger leader to flourish in their calling and to have a key role in advancing God’s global mission, that the world might know Christ! We want them to be Christ-following leaders.

Our vision for generations of Christ-like, Christ-following, and Christ-serving influencers connected across cultures in the global church shapes the heart of who we are, what we do in YLGen, and how we do it.

Investing in Younger Leaders

We are committed to investing in younger leaders through mentoring, building missional community, creating opportunities for further equipping, and integrating younger leaders into existing leadership teams.


Younger leaders have an opportunity to be mentored by a senior leader who will come alongside them through the Word, in prayer, and in whole-life discipleship. When we say ‘whole-life’, we mean the spiritual, emotional, physical, relational, and cognitive aspects of their lives.

Missional Resources and Equipping

Through YLGen, younger leaders have exclusive access to missional resources from renowned global leaders, including regular webinars and workshops, curated content, mentoring podcasts and special opportunities.

Education and Further Study

The YLGen Educate initiative was launched in 2018 as a way of continuing Lausanne’s legacy through securing full-tuition scholarships from some of the world’s top seminaries, universities, and other degree-granting institutions for younger leaders.

Missional Community and Opportunities

Younger leaders are invited to join a global community designed to develop friendships, share mutual interest areas, pray for each other, and build missional connections through life sharing and mutual encouragement. They are connected to Lausanne leaders, networks, and activities in their country or region through various groups and gatherings.

Scripture and Prayer

Younger leaders are encouraged to develop a vital and life-transforming relationship with God through regular engagement in Scripture and prayer. YLGen provides Scripture reflection resources for use in personal life, mentoring relationships, and ministry teams. YLGen also facilitates regular global prayer meetings to pray together for global mission and issues facing ‘YLGeners’.

YLGen Team

The YLGen leadership team is made up of a diverse and passionate team of staff and volunteers. The team is led by Nana Yaw Offei Awuku, Global Director for Generations. You can reach the team at [email protected].