Listening, Gathering, and Journeying Together through Action

Highlights of the impact that the Lausanne Movement made in 2022

Lausanne Movement | 28 Feb 2023

One of the key guiding messages of the Lausanne Movement is that we believe the only way to move forward as a global church in mission is together.

In 2022 we gathered and worshipped together, spurring one another on to greater action. We proclaimed the gospel together and sought to make disciples of every nation. We learned and grew to collaborate with one another, interculturally and intergenerationally. We listened together—to the Word of God, through prayer, and to each other. And we journeyed another year together in the global, polycentric process that is Lausanne 4.

This report is structured around the ongoing cycles of the Lausanne 4 journey, which include listening, gathering and learning, and journeying together in action. As we reflect on the impact that women and men have made in 2022 across regions, passions, and generations, may we be encouraged to further accelerate global mission together for the discipling of all nations and the shaping of the world in 2050. Most of all, may we be led to praise and gratitude toward our God to whom the global church belongs.

Thank you for journeying with, partnering with, and working alongside us as we bring the whole gospel to the whole world.

Michael Oh, Global Executive Director / CEO


Listening to God Calls

We believe there is immense blessing in listening to God’s Word in community and want to be intentional about setting aside time to hear God speak through the Scriptures together.

In September 2022, we began weekly Listening to God’s Word Together calls (L2G). We look forward to listening to the entire Bible together leading up to the Fourth Lausanne Congress on World Evangelisation (Seoul 2024).

‘When I joined Lausanne I realised that listening to Scripture was actually an important spiritual discipline that every Christian needs to practice, and I find being in a community helps me to cultivate this discipline. My favourite part of listening to God’s word for an extended time together is how God continually opens my eyes to see and understand valuable truths in his Word no matter the number of times I have read these Scriptures.’
—Donnah Odera, Project Coordinator for YLGen

Global Prayer Initiative

With Seoul 2024 on the horizon, we began a global prayer initiative to form the bedrock of all we do towards preparing for the  Congress.

The global church began with a month of praying through the four-fold vision, followed by praying for one of our 12 regions each month. Join us in praying daily together on the PrayerMate app.


In 2022 we were encouraged by the global church’s desire to seek God personally.

During the season of Advent, various Lausanne leaders contributed to a video series that was well received.

In addition, our devotional plans on YouVersion have seen significant growth, with total subscriptions in the last 12 months showing an increase of 129 percent from the previous year. We now have over 100,000 subscribers.



New York City, New York, US

Preparing for Lausanne’s Next Major Congress

Lausanne 4 New York (L4NY) brought together the whole Lausanne active leadership, totalling 200 leaders. Together we launched and planned for the journey leading up to the Seoul 2024, encouraged one another, worshipped and prayed together, and celebrated what God is doing through the Movement.

A highlight was the new regional directors who were welcomed into the leadership and commissioned in prayer. Watch a summary of the highlights of L4NY.

‘To hear stories of what God is doing around the world and how Lausanne is serving the global church by encouraging connections and collaboration was so inspiring.’
—Jim Memory, Lausanne Regional Director for Europe

‘One of my greatest anticipated joys of being at the L4NY meeting was the opportunity to worship in person with 200 core Lausanne leaders. We could finally sing together! And when we as a Lausanne leadership met in person in New York, how great was our joy.’
—Darcy Luetzow Staddon, Executive Assistant to the Global Executive Director

Creation Care Network

Ajloun, Jordan

10 Years, 12 Conferences, 140 Countries

The Lausanne / WEA Creation Care Network celebrated the completion of their global campaign to host 12 conferences in 10 years, touching 140 countries. This campaign for creation was inspired by Cape Town 2010 and the 2012 Jamaica Call to Action.

Throughout the gatherings, Lausanne catalysts for creation care presented on today’s ecological crises through a biblical lens. Other well-respected bible scholars, scientists, businesspeople, and mission leaders from across the region also contributed, bringing clear theology, good science, and practical wisdom together in fruitful dialogue.

‘Everywhere we go, the Spirit has been speaking to people about caring for God’s creation. With a conference like this, people are discovering each other. I may be the only one in my church, they realise, but I’m not the only one in my country—and now we can communicate with each other.’
—Ed Brown, Former Lausanne Catalyst for Creation Care

Asia 2022 Congress

Bangkok, Thailand

600+ Leaders from 20+ Asian Countries

More than 600 leaders from across more than 20 Asian countries gathered in Thailand for the congress, ‘Rethinking Church and Mission: God’s Agenda for Today’. Participants represented various spheres of ministry, including church leaders, pastors, organisational heads, and social entrepreneurs.

‘The congress came at an opportune time in history connecting Christian leaders together with the purpose of seeing a church and mission movement from our unique Asian context.’
—David Ro, Asia 2022 Congress Chair and Lausanne Regional Director for East Asia

Amplify Outreach 2022

Wheaton College, Illinois, US

Fresh Content, Church-Tested Ideas, and Interactive Breakouts

Over two days, innovative pastors, world-class scholars, and network leaders from throughout the country presented fresh content, church-tested ideas, and interactive breakouts. It was also an opportunity to learn from pastors of Outreach’s 100 Fastest-Growing Churches and gain insight into their strategies to reinvigorate mission during the pandemic.

Amplify Outreach was co-hosted by the Wheaton College Billy Graham Center, Outreach Magazine, and the Lausanne Movement.

Urbana 2022

Indianapolis, Indiana, US

A Call to Global Discipleship

On 31 December 2022, Michael Oh presented to around 6,000 students at the Urbana Student Mission Conference hosted by InterVarsity in Indianapolis, Indiana.

As part of his presentation on global discipleship, Michael used a tool developed by the Lausanne Movement to gauge the students’ awareness of global Christianity. The tool ranked students based on their answers to a short digital survey and provided personalised recommendations to take the next step in growing as a global disciple.

Through the conference $283,000 was given to missions around the world, 1,995 people committed to regularly pray and intercede for the global church, and 392 people committed to serving in mission for more than two years.

Virtual Gatherings

Throughout 2022, Lausanne held virtual gatherings and webinars to equip and inspire the global church across a wide variety of pressing issues, including business as mission, burnout in ministry, missions information and research, orality, and integrity. The Younger Leaders Generation also hosted a special advent community call.

Additionally, Latin America held a virtual gathering in September with more than 100 participants registered from more than 20 Latin American and Caribbean countries. Comments of participants were very positive and many indicated their desire to connect with Lausanne.

Learning Together

YLGen Educate

32 Scholars Representing 22 Nations, and $848,642 in Scholarships

The YLGen Educate initiative was launched in 2018 as a way of continuing Lausanne’s legacy of supporting younger leaders. Through offering full-tuition scholarships, YLGen Educate connects emerging leaders from the Majority World with robust theological and professional education programs for a global context.

2022 saw 32 students from 22 different countries enrolled in either master’s or PhD programs at some of the world’s top seminaries, universities, and other degree-granting institutions.

‘My studies at Wheaton are already helping me to think critically and strategically about the evangel ministry of evangelism in the context of global missions.’
—Emmanuel Kwizera, Current Student at Wheaton College and Lausanne Catalyst for Proclamation Evangelism

‘Pursuing my master’s through the YLGen Educate Scholarship experience has been one of the most life-changing aspects of my life and ministry.’
—Toluwalope Alabi-Otene, Current Student at Western Seminary

‘This program has helped me to become a more well-rounded and competent leader where I serve, and has equally given me the tools and framework to continue to enhance my ability to develop student leaders who impact 100+ campuses with the gospel.’
—Antony Chin Aleong, Graduate, Belhaven University

The Lausanne Leadership Journey

Pilot Programme Completed Ahead of 2023 Official Launch

In June 2022, Lausanne launched its pilot programme of the Lausanne Leadership Journey (LLJ), a new initiative to come alongside select younger leaders from every region of the world for an experiential journey of learning and growth.

LLJ will officially launch in April 2023 and continue for 18 months through September 2024. During the programme, participants will engage in content sessions, connect with senior global leaders, create a personalised capstone project, and join in two face-to-face gatherings.

‘The passion and value in investing and coming alongside younger leaders is very inspiring.’
—Rick Franklin, LLJ Co-Chair

‘Sometimes I have questions I want to receive input from a global perspective, and I think in LLJ I can find that. I’m excited to journey with people who have more experience with me and build wider connections through Lausanne.’
—Josue Anagya, LLJ Participant

Lausanne Global Analysis

Celebrating 10 Years of Publication

In 2022 Lausanne Global Analysis (LGA) celebrated 10 years of publication, during which time authors from across the globe contributed toward 11 volumes and 60 issues, which amounts to 255 articles. These were accessed by readers from 217 countries and territories around the world.

LGA was launched following Cape Town 2010 as a means of delivering strategic and credible information and insight from an international network of evangelical analysts to equip influencers of global mission.

‘We hope and pray that the story of LGA could inspire our brothers and sisters in various regions to collaborate with one another, interculturally and intergenerationally.’

—Doug Birdsall, David Taylor, and Loun Ling Lee, Former and Current LGA Editors

Lausanne Content

Giving Voice to the Global Church

In 2022 we greatly expanded our online articles and videos, focusing on a diversity of authorship across regions, generations, and missional opportunities. We more than doubled the number of articles published from the previous year and created new videos like the ‘Difficult Mission Terms’ series and our inspirational ‘Together’ video.

Journeying Together

L4 Progress in 2022

Seoul 2024

An integral part of the Lausanne 4 journey is the Fourth Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization, also known as Seoul 2024. This exciting, ‘once in a generation’ gathering coincides with the celebration of 50 years since Lausanne’s inception.

Seoul 2024 seeks to bring together around 5,000 globally representative in-person participants from every region of the world. The Congress aims to draw a larger number of emerging leaders, female leaders, and participants from the workplace than former congresses.

The eagerly-anticipated press release of the Congress was received with great enthusiasm in early May 2022, and participant nominations opened in February 2023.

Hybrid Gathering

The Congress will operate in two spaces—an in-person gathering in Seoul, as well as Seoul Virtual. As we have seen in previous years, digital gatherings greatly multiply the capacity for participation. Seoul 2024 aims to leverage the momentum of virtual gatherings in our digitalised world and facilitate the opportunity to relationally and strategically collaborate with our Christian brothers and sisters across the globe.

L4 Documents

Seoul 2024 will be shaped by the Global State of the Great Commission Report, The Seoul Statement, and the Nehemiah Commitment, which call for collaborative action as an active response to the Lausanne 4 journey. In 2022 all three documents went into various stages of development.

Gatherings Planned for 2023

Regional Gatherings

Lausanne Generations Conversation

California, US | Biola University,  30 May – 3 June 2023

The Lausanne Generations Conversation will bring together younger leaders from around the world to facilitate intergenerational connecting, community, and collaboration for mission towards 2050.

‘Lausanne is the most strategic Christian organisation I know for accomplishing God’s global mission in our time.

It’s the one organisation that convenes leaders from across the whole evangelical global church to set the agenda for world missions and to collaborate to achieve God’s will for this generation.

So many key ideas, so many partnerships, so many friendships can be traced back directly to Lausanne. It does all this with a small staff and many volunteers who are themselves accomplished leaders. And it is deliberately handing all this off to the next generation of Christian leaders by giving younger leaders key roles in the movement and their own track to convene, collaborate, and contribute.’

—Steve Woodworth, CEO of Masterworks

Partnering Together

Encouraging Growth in Gifts

As we draw closer to the Seoul 2024 Congress, our activity in terms of gatherings, communication, content, operational costs, staff capacity, and global reach have all seen an increase. This is made possible as God moves hearts to partner with us, and for this we are truly thankful.

2022 saw an encouraging 42% increase in total gift income from the previous year, and a 19% increase in total number of gifts.

 Total GiftsNumber of Gifts
2022 Gifts by Donor Type

Individual Donors   Churches   Other Ministries   Foundations

Percentage of Total 2022 Gifts by Donor Type

Individual Donors   Churches   Other Ministries   Foundations

Again in 2022, we saw all continents contribute to the gifts the Movement received, and we trust God for even greater global collaboration in this way in 2023 as we gear up for our regional gatherings, Seoul 2024, and ultimately the discipling of the nations.

Every initiative, every gathering, and every resource created and hosted by the Lausanne Movement is only possible through the generous partnership of the global church, of which we are all a part. Thank you for coming alongside us as we accelerate global mission together in 2023 and beyond.

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