The First Step to Reconciliation – Leadership Panel

Reconciliation can be crippling in its complexity. But God only calls us to take that very small first step. This inspiring panel discussion features the invaluable wisdom and experiences of Pranitha Timothy (India) and Prashan de Visser (Sri Lanka), and is moderated by Grace Samson-Song.

Pranitha is a survivor of two brain tumors whose feeble voice has been used by God to free over 4000 slaves and restore the lives of thousands of trafficking and slavery survivors. And though Prashan is from the smallest ethnic group in Sri Lanka, God has used him mightily to bring reconciliation and transformation to Sri Lanka and beyond.

This presentation was given at the third Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering (YLG2016) held in Jakarta, Indonesia, from 3-10 August 2016. To learn more about YLG2016 and the Lausanne Movement visit