Turning from Idolatry

Through her exposition of Genesis 11, Anne Zaki unmasks mankind’s illusions of safety and self-sufficiency in light of the majesty and glory of the Living God, empowering the church to be a people who can show the world that Jesus is worth both living and dying for. This is the second of the Bible exposition sessions presented at YLG2016.

Watch the full video or jump to a specific section using these time indicators:

  • 02:42 Intro to Genesis 11, ‘The Tower of Babel’
  • 07:18 Why Was Building the Tower So Bad, Anyway?
  • 12:06 God Resets and Protects Humanity
  • 14:07 The Many Disguises of Pride, and a Call to Action
  • 18:39 The Living Voice of the Creator
  • 24:17 A Modern-Day Babel: ISIS and the Church
    29:48 Zaki’s Prayer

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