Expanding Missions in Minecraft, One Block at a Time

In this episode of God on the Move, Lily Chia, founder of Land of Promise, a Minecraft server, tells her story of how she aims to share the gospel message within the user community of the most historically popular video game to bring the Kingdom of God to a pixelated, three-dimensional world with virtually infinite terrain, engaging with over 300 million players.

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Guests in This Episode

Lily Chia

Lily served with her local ministry for about 20 years with youths, creatives and children. Her heart is in discipling the next-gen. She spent 25 years in the creative industry running her own business. Since 2020, she has stepped down to serve the LORD in reaching out to the next-gen using creatives and technology. Her heart is to create and explore new frontiers to engage and disciple the next-gen. She is currently developing a metaverse in Minecraft, building biblical landscapes such as the Sea of Galilee and Jerusalem in the first century to experience the bible come alive. She has been invited to speak on topics of gaming and engaging the next-gen using Minecraft.

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