Seoul-Incheon 2024

22 - 28 Sep 2024 Songdo Convensia, Incheon, South Korea

Since 2019 the Lausanne Movement has been engaged in a multi-year, global, polycentric process called Lausanne 4 (L4). The objective of L4 is to catalyse the collaboration of the global church towards the discipling of the nations and the shaping of the world in 2050. Key to L4 are the rhythms of listening, gathering, and action.

An integral part of Lausanne 4 is the Fourth Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization, also known as Seoul-Incheon 2024. This exciting, ‘once in a generation’ gathering coincides with the celebration of 50 years since Lausanne’s inception.


The Fourth Lausanne Congress on World Evangelization aims to be catalytic in advancing the Movement’s fourfold vision—the gospel for every person, disciple-making churches for every people and place, Christ-like leaders for every church and sector, and kingdom impact in every sphere of society.

This global gathering will be shaped by three documents: The State of the Great Commission ReportThe Seoul Statement, and The Collaborative Action Commitment. These three groundbreaking documents call for collaborative action, as an active response to the Lausanne 4 journey.


The Congress will operate in two spaces—an in-person gathering in Seoul as well as the Congress Virtual Experience. The hybrid format of the gathering will help connect influencers from around the world and propel us towards a polycentric style of global collaboration.

The Seoul-Incheon 2024 Congress seeks to bring together around 5,000 globally representative in-person participants from every region of the world. Of these participants, we hope to have 25 percent younger or emerging leaders under 40 years old, 40 percent women, and 40 percent from secular workplaces (those who do not receive their primary income from a church or ministry organisation).

Information regarding the Congress Virtual Experience can be found here. Nominations for the Congress Virtual Experience are still open.


An important aspect of the Congress is the prayerful, open, and rigorous participant nomination and multi-step selection process. This process exists to ensure that the right people gather together and appropriately reflect the rich diversity of the global church—across the regions of the world, across generations, and across spheres of influence.

Individuals must meet the selection criteria in order to be eligible to be nominated by Christian leaders and influencers.

The cost of participation in Seoul-Incheon 2024 includes a registration fee as well as travel and accommodation costs. Fundraising resources are available to invited participants.