Seoul Virtual: Join Seoul 2024 from Wherever You Are

An intentional and integrated virtual participation experience

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By broadening the room beyond the walls of the Songdo Convensia, the whole church has the opportunity to participate in Seoul 2024. Virtual participants have the flexibility to participate in Seoul 2024 from wherever you are, meaning that family, work, scheduling, and financial obstacles are less of a barrier to participate in this ‘once in a generation’ event. 

Accelerate action around the world

With people engaged in the congress virtually, more opportunities for collaborative action can emerge from more people and places around the world.

Participate in Seoul 2024 Virtually


Meet with brothers and sisters in Christ from around the world, hear their stories, and share your own for mutual edification.


Connect with others who are interested in similar topics or are based in the same geographical areas as you or areas you care most about.

Learn & Share

Learn from one another about contextual realities as well as gaps and opportunities that exist as we seek to be obedient to the Great Commission.


Engage in collaborative action on a micro or macro scale for the sake of God’s kingdom and the progress of the gospel.

The Seoul Virtual Experience

Dynamic Engagement

Smart online collaboration tools as well as interaction with onsite participants will enable deep and meaningful engagement.

Exclusive Virtual Events & Content

Access talks, concerts, and other engaging content exclusive to virtual participants.

Tailored Engagement Level

Virtual Cohort Experience

Satellite Sites

Public Broadcast
Who’s it for? Selected ParticipantsLocal Community MembersOpen to Public

Engage the Seoul 2024 programme directly with a curated cohort for
personal interaction and added flexibility in attending the congress
Engage the Seoul 2024 programme alongside your local community for maximum participation and engagementEngage the Seoul 2024 programme alongside the global church for a broader opportunity for collaborative action
EngagementDirect engagement with a carefully selected cohort of participants from around the world, including a year long pre-congress programmeAlongside local community in facilities spread through cities on every continentAlongside the believers from around the world joining online
FacilityPrivate / Online Local / OnlineGlobal / Online
PlatformEvent engagement app, online platform Sites are hosted by seminaries, churches, mission organisations, workplace groups, regional and issue networksYouTube, CGN TV (Korea) and other streaming platforms
Audience5,000 + selected participantsTens of thousands of satellite sites, with hundreds of thousands of global participants 100,000 + (streaming) 
CostParticipation Fee (TBC)Host Site Fee (TBC)Free
RegisterNominate for Seoul Virtual Cohort ExperienceComing SoonComing Soon

Satellite Sites of the Fourth Lausanne Congress

Lausanne is excited to announce a satellite site initiative for their upcoming Seoul 2024 Congress.  

Christian and mission groups around the world are invited to participate in the Lausanne Movement’s upcoming Fourth Congress on World Evangelization through a curated and connected satellite site experience. This will allow thousands of Christian groups to address gaps in the Great Commission and brainstorm how their church, NGO, workplace group, institution, mission agency, network, or team might partner towards filling those gaps.

While only 5,000 men and women will be able to attend the Seoul 2024 Congress in person, millions more can be served by the satellite site model. This will mean that groups—from small churches to larger city networks—will have the opportunity not only to learn from the congress but also participate in the global platform Lausanne is launching to make thousands of real-time global partnerships possible.

Justin Schell, director of executive projects for Lausanne, is excited about the potential for these sites.  ‘We are praying and working towards 100,000 satellite sites around the world. Think of the impact of these groups simultaneously responding to the invitation to partner towards the completion of the Great Commission. The 5,000 participants in Seoul and further 5,000 virtual cohort participants will make a wonderful impact, but how much more will these potentially millions make to filling gospel gaps in the world.’

Why Should We Host a Site?

Each satellite site will receive a congress experience tailored for their needs. The goal is to help participants experience and learn from the congress, wrestle through the issues presented and how they can action change, and begin the process of connecting with others around the world for Great Commission collaboration.

Read the below FAQ for more detail.  And be sure to register your site today!  


Who can host?
Any church, workplace group, school / institution, NGO, campus ministry group, mission agency, or other Christian group. Host sites will range from small groups to megachurches, and everything in between. Host sites must affirm the Lausanne Covenant and the historic Christian faith and ethic of which it is representative.

What does the programme look like?
The satellite sites programme will mirror the on-the-ground programme for the Seoul 2024 Congress, capturing the salient moments of the gathering and delivering those to the sites. Lausanne will also offer content unique to virtual participants. While Lausanne will suggest a program for host sites, each location will have freedom to shape their experience in a way that will best serve their needs. Sites may even invite a local or global mission partner to speak, however, Lausanne is not responsible for the viewpoints expressed.

What does a ‘site leader’ do? 
The site leader registers their location, recruits attendees for the site, and facilitates the actual programme for their site. They may also oversee practical arrangements for their site such as meals, refreshments, etc. The site leader is free to delegate responsibilities as they see fit.

What does it cost? 
Each site will be required to pay a registration fee of USD 100. It is our intention that this fee is not restrictive to any group. If you feel this fee is prohibitive to your group, please contact [email protected]. We invite organisations and institutions with financial capacity to contribute more, so that Lausanne can offer this opportunity to any community who desires to participate. 

Suggested donation:

  • Consider giving the equivalent of at least USD 1 for each group member. For example, groups of 100 or more are encouraged to give at least USD 100. Groups of 250 or more are encouraged to give USD 250. Groups of 500 or more to give USD 500 and so on.
  • Each church / network / organisation / small group / is encouraged to consider what might be possible in light of their capacity.

What languages are resourced? 
This will depend on what languages are requested by registered sites. The typical languages served by Lausanne are English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, and Russian.

What would a typical evening / day look like? 
Each site will experience a blend of video teaching as well as small and large group facilitation and discussion.  Each site will determine a format that works best for them, however, Lausanne will provide curated options for the following timeframes:

  • 5 days: 3 hours per day
  • A weekend: Friday night, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning
  • 1 full day: 8 hours

Can more than one group meet together? 
We would highly encourage churches / ministries in a shared geographic area to gather together, however many churches may like to host their own satellite site. This may look like a city movement gathering, a denominational or presbytery gathering, a gathering of mission agencies or like-minded ministries, or a shared gathering of campus ministries. We would encourage each group to register separately even if they meet together, so that leadership from each group is being served by the pre-congress process and follow-up opportunities.

What if I have other questions?
Please reach out to [email protected]