Missional Families: An Urgent Need to Save Generations (4)

11 Jul 2024 Online

Starting 20 June, join us on this weekly webinar every Thursday at 13:00 UTC|18:30 IST|09:00 EDT to understand the importance of a missional family. The topic of the second session is ‘Becoming an Incarnational Family’. Carrying the cross of Christ is not optional for a Christian. The family that knows their call as a Christian family understands the various challenges they need to face as they live out Christ’s agenda in this world.

Time: 13:00 UTC | 09:00 EDT | Date: Every Thursday from 20 June until 1 Aug 2024

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Missional families beget missional families. Families of people who live missional lives are often very contagious, influencing so many in their lifetime including all who live in contact with them.

This 7-week series will teach us about God’s desire for every family—the call to fulfill his purpose. He is more than willing to make it happen in our lives, provided we are diligent to be led by him.

The webinar will be held once weekly starting from 20 June 2024, and ending on 01 August 2024. Each webinar is a 90-minute session that will be conducted at 13:00 UTC|18:30 IST|09:00 EDT. There will be an online registration via Zoom link.

The webinar is hosted by the combined effort of WEA–Family Challenge and Children’s Network and the Lausanne Children and Family Issue Network.