Missional families: An urgent need to save generations

A 7 series webinar that practically unfolds how families can impact generations.

P.C. Mathew 24 May 2024

Editor's Note

This article is presented by the Lausanne Children and Family (CnF) Network in collaboration with The World Evangelical Alliance Family Challenge and Children’s Network. To connect with the CnF network, email [email protected].

The Lausanne Children and Family Network in collaboration with the World Evangelical Alliance’s Family Challenge and Children’s Network, invites you to a seven-week webinar series on the topic of ‘Missional Family’. The webinars will focus on answering the question of how a Christian family can serve as a mission hub to raise children into faithful disciples of Jesus Christ and at the same time be an effective evangelism tool to fulfill the Great Commission and ‘make disciples of all nations’.


Missional families: An urgent need to save generations

Starting 20 June, join us on this weekly webinar every Thursday at 13:00 UTC | 18:30 IST | 09:00 EDT to understand the importance of a missional family.

The themes are inspired by my book, Becoming a Missional Family, as well as several similar trainings I have conducted across the South Asia region.

In a recent Christian parenting seminar that my wife and I led, the participants were asked to name the three top influencers of their children. They shared the influence of the media, peers, and social networks. Then someone whispered with much reluctance and fear, ‘Parents’. Parents have realized that they have far less influence over their children than all other aspects that are influencing them. But in reality, who needs to influence them and to whom has the Lord given these children? It is to the parents, and they must be the primary influencers and faith shapers of their children.

Parents must be the primary influencers and faith shapers of their children.

Influencing our children for eternity is possible if they grow up in a missional habitat. What does a missional habitat mean? It is an environment that reflects the presence and purpose (or mission) of God. The word ‘missional’ is rooted in reflecting the nature of God and his mission. A missional habitat is the environment that the first couple enjoyed by walking and talking with God regularly before their fall. The age-old foundation that is laid in the Scripture in Deuteronomy 6 to create a habitat that is conducive for children to grow is quite reflective of the habitat given by God to his first children Adam and Eve. The presence of God and his Word is the sacred space in which our next generation will thrive. It will impact their thinking, their walk, and their talk.

The call in Deuteronomy 6:5-7 is to ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength’.  This needs to be the lifestyle and experience of the parents and they are commanded to impress God’s love on their children. The impression is not made solely by a casual memorization of some Bible verses, but by creating an atmosphere saturated in his Word. When they wake up, when they sit down, when they walk, when they lie down, the call is to intentionally give the right foundation upon which they bloom. It is an intentional work of the parents to make sure the proper foundation, which cannot be shaken by any whirlwind of teaching contrary to God’s plan and purpose, is laid.

‘A home where Scripture becomes the foundation, and each member lives to fulfill the purpose of God embedded in his love is called a ‘missional home’, emulating the character of God through their living.’

A home where Scripture becomes the foundation, and each member lives to fulfill the purpose of God embedded in his love is called a ‘missional home’. Such missional homes will emulate the character of God through their living. Based on my research and extensive reading on the missional church, I came up with five characteristics of what a missional home would look like. This is also reflective of the family of the Godhead from whom all families of the earth derive its name (Eph 3:15). They are: 1. Worshipping family, 2. Affectionate family, 3. Incarnational family, 4. Attractional family, 5. Nurturing family. These characteristics are to be lived out for faith to be passed on effectively at home.

How do we intentionally create this habitat for our families to thrive and for our children to have the right foundation, to survive the onslaught of various influences? A seven-week webinar on ‘Becoming a Missional Family’ with discussions aims to help families become ‘missional’. This will impact our mission to the world as we are only an overflow of who we really are.

A brief description of each session

20 June—What is a Missional Family?

This session will clarify what is meant by the term ‘missional’ and will set the stage for the five characteristics that will be discussed in the coming weeks. The topic will be handled by myself and my wife, Mrs Ciby Mathew. Together with our three adult children, we have been serving the Lord to see Christian homes becoming ‘missional’ to impact generations.

27 June—Becoming a Worshipping Family

Worship is the very hub of a missional home. The family that worships the Lord together makes a tremendous impact on the next generation and it’s a great space to pass on faith daily in a formal way. But what is family worship? How can it be done effectively, keeping the mission of Christ as our focus? This will be dealt by Mr Vijay Hebbal and Mrs Jessy Hebbal, whose children and grandchildren have grown to be worshippers of God as a family.

4 July—Becoming an Affectionate Family

The need of the hour is family affection. With so many priorities that crowd us, being there for one another in a genuine manner is a challenge today. The discussion on being an effective lover of God and one another in a practical way will be led by Dr Rob Reinow and his wife Amy Reinow, who have practically worked with each of their seven children to display their affection in ways that reflect the love of Christ.

11 July—Becoming an Incarnational Family

Carrying the cross of Christ is not optional for a Christian. The family that knows their call as a Christian family understands the various challenges they need to face as they live out Christ’s agenda in this world. They are willing to explore places that are uncomfortable and difficult. They are willing to embrace hardship for the sake of their conviction and cause, modeling Jesus who came down to save us. Mrs Gwen De Rozario along with her husband, Rev Steven Seah, who as a family have been used by the Lord to choose difficult terrain, will lead as they share their experience of incarnation compelled by God’s love and Spirit.

18 July—Becoming an Attractional Family

The calling of our Lord to be the light and the salt of the world is lived out in communities by families who honor God, and in so doing attract people towards Christ by their good deeds and bring glory to their father in heaven (Matt 5:13-16) . Pastor C.A. Benjamin and Mrs Kamala Benjamin, who have over many years attracted several individuals and families by their lifestyle as a family, will lead this session.

25 July—Becoming a Nurturing Family

Stunted growth is a sign of devitalized life. The family is a God-ordained place of nurture where members constantly grow in the love of God and in all areas of their relationship. Many times, people grow physically in their homes, but are not nurtured in other dimensions. Pastor Mathew Ling, with his wide experience of nurturing his own family, including his parents, spouse, children, and many in the body of Christ, will explain how disciples at home can be nurtured by one another and how the growth of the family will also contribute to the church and kingdom.

1 August—Becoming a Family of Influence: A Missional Model

Are there missional homes in the Bible? Is missional family practical and doable? Studying the family of Cornelius from Acts 10 will reveal very practical ways to influence the community irrespective of our profession. God is so delighted to use anyone with a heart to serve him. We as a family can be of exponential influence to the community if we choose to intentionally have these characteristics of a missional home. My wife, Mrs Ciby Mathew, and I will lead this last session in which families will be encouraged to write a family mission statement.

Who should attend the webinar?

Any Jesus follower who wants to understand how to grow as a family to be a blessing within their own home to their spouse, children, and to others, needs to attend this. This includes pastors, leaders, families, singles and all who want to be kingdom influencers.

When is the webinar planned?

The webinar will be held once weekly starting from 20 June 2024, and ending on 1 August 2024. Each webinar is a 90-minute session that will be conducted at 13:00 UTC|18:30 IST|09:00 EDT. You can register here.

Who are the hosts?

The project is hosted by a combined effort of WEA’s Family Challenge and Children’s Network and the Lausanne Children and Family Issue Network.

Webinar Plans and Outcomes

In an interesting study, I found out that teaching about missional families had a huge impact on many families, who realized the purpose of their family life from a kingdom perspective and started living with purpose and joy. 

The webinars are going to be interactive as there will be group discussions on the topic followed by a moderated panel to answer any queries based on the discussion. The talk will be 25 minutes, followed by breakout groups and Q and A time with the speaker. It is recommended to attend all seven sessions as a family, but in case something unavoidable comes your way, there will also be recordings available. 

We are hopeful to see every home having the missional habitat to influence our generation by discerning God’s purpose and will for our times.


Missional families beget missional families. The families of people who live missional lives are often very contagious, influencing so many in their lifetime including all who live in contact with them. It requires very intentional effort as we are fighting so many forces of evil that work using wicked strategies. We as God’s people have God’s strategy empowered by his Spirit. God’s desire for and call to every family is to fulfill his purpose. He is more than willing to make it happen in our lives provided we are diligent to be led by him. You are welcome to attend this seven-week series and be blessed.