God’s Heart for Children Webinar: Community Advocacy and Care

9 May 2023 Online

Discover more about God’s heart for children by joining this six-part webinar series throughout 2023. This series will unpack themes from the book God’s Heart for Children, and equip you in your calling and ministry with and for children. If you are unable to register for the whole series and are able to attend a single webinar, you are more than welcome to do so.

God’s Heart For Children: Community Advocacy and Care took place on 9 May 2023 at 13.30 BTS.

This third webinar unpacked the main themes of the third and fourth chapters of the book, and explored the ways in which the church can ensure children are cared for in community and advocated for in society.

The webinars are facilitated by a collaborative team from the Lausanne Movement’s Children and Family Network and Children-at-Risk Network, Viva, All Nations Christian College, the Global Children’s Forum, and Langham Publishing. The team hopes this series will engage, encourage, equip, and connect those in ministry to children in a variety of contexts globally.

For an opportunity to hear from these highly experienced presenters and participate in discussion, register below.

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