Creation Care and the Gospel Conference: South Asia

12 - 16 Sep 2016 Godavri, Lalitpur, Nepal

This conference was one of a series of events in the Lausanne/WEA Creation Care Network’s global creation care campaign. Emerging from the Lausanne Global Consultation on Creation Care and the Gospel held in Jamaica in November 2012, each of these conferences is designed to help participants develop creation care movements in their own countries. (Learn more about the global campaign.)

The South Asian region is one of the most vulnerable regions in the world that is affected every year by disasters—floods, landslides, earthquakes. We are also home to the largest number of people living in poverty. The devastation that we see every year reminds us that caring for God’s creation is not just an option or something that should be left in the hands of specialist organisations. Learning to live in and care for the world that God has given us is of the utmost importance for all of us, and particularly for the poor and vulnerable.

In this regard, this conference was held in September in Nepal, hosted by the Lausanne Movement and World Evangelical Alliance along with several local organizations. Conference participants were invited from the South Asian countries. Our local hosts were the Evangelical Fellowship of India Commission on Relief (EFICOR) and United Mission to Nepal (UMN).

This conference followed the basic content outline developed in Jamaica, with three major topics: God’s Word (theology), God’s World (science), God’s Work (our response). Attention was also given to the The Jamaica Call to Action, an important document that came out of the Jamaica Consultation.