Battles Christians Face – Leadership Panel

Vaughan Roberts

Acclaimed author and clergyman Vaughan Roberts speaks from 25 years of ministry experience to share four lessons on staying the course as a Christian, despite ongoing battles with the world, the flesh, and the devil. He also shares frankly about his own struggle with same-sex attraction. The discussion is moderated by Grace Samson-Song.

This presentation was given at the third Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering (YLG2016) held in Jakarta, Indonesia, from 3-10 August 2016.

Date: 06 Aug 2016

Grouping: Session Videos

Gathering: 2016 YLG

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3 comments on “Battles Christians Face – Leadership Panel
  1. Jeff Dyas says:

    It would have been nice to have Vaughan’s prayer included as part of the presentation.

  2. Andrés Duncan says:

    God glorifying¡!
    I so much applaud Dr. Roberts whose Theological books have been so useful to me to be so bold to share his personal struggles. This is I was saying: we need some strong Christian leaders who struggle to say the truth: same sex attraction is just another way we miss the mark as human beings. We don’t live in a perfect world where our nature reflects the intent of the Creator. We are all inclined to do things the Creator has defined as incorrect whether that is pride, lying, stealing, wrong sex mindsets (both heterosexual or homosexual), anger, greed, envy, etc.
    This is a clear reminder: we followers of Jesus don’t hate and we are not against people who experience same sex attraction. If you are that person or if it someone you love hear this: we don’t reject you or despise you for experiencing this. We honor leaders like Dr, Roberts who struggle as you do but die to self (as we all need to do in one area or another) and follow Jesus.
    It is also a good reminder for religious people some of which think they are following Jesus but are caught in tradition and pride: LGBTI… activists are not our enemy. We don’t have human enemies (they may choose to be our enemies but they can’t really be since we don’t consider them our enemies). They, as anybody else whom Christ has yet to set free are captives of lies).
    Let us stand firm in the truth but don’t hate people and wish them evil. Much less do them evil. If not you do while you think yourself as morally superior you trapped in lies too.

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