A Scaffold for Prayer for Lausanne 4

An invitation to play a key part in the advancement of God’s global mission

Sarah Plummer | 14 Oct 2022

Edited Transcript

You may have heard about the next Lausanne congress happening in Seoul in 2024. Seoul 2024 is just one part of what we are calling the Lausanne 4 (L4) process. It’s a multi-year, polycentric process that includes global listening calls, regional gatherings, the Seoul 2024 congress, and the formation of thousands of action-orientated teams. We hope that all this will lead to unprecedented collaboration of the global church, the discipling of all nations, and the acceleration of global mission that will lead to a more peace-filled world.

But none of this is possible without prayer—mine and yours. If you are a follower of Jesus and part of a local church who gathers to pray, I want to invite you to consider praying with us, in your small groups, in your church services, or at home with your family.

Consider praying using the four pillars of our Movement’s beautiful vision:

  • The gospel for every person
  • Disciple-making churches for every people and place
  • Christ-like leaders for every church and sector
  • Kingdom impact for every sphere of society


Four Paintings, Four Years, and Lausanne’s Fourfold Vision

The Lausanne Movement’s vision comes to life in a series of four paintings by artist Bryn Gillette.

These are biblical prayer points and imitate the prayers of Jesus. These I know are from the Father’s heart. All it takes is two or three people gathering in the name of Jesus, and God is real and present to hear these prayers.

It’s such a joy and a privilege to pray and to bring before our Heavenly Father the matters on our own hearts and the needs in this world. And if you’re like me, I do get sent a lot of the different prayer diaries, and trying to work out where I start with each one can be a bit daunting because there’s so many prayer needs around me.

Can I offer you a possible solution? We’ve tried to keep things really simple and provide a guide that sparks your prayers for a wide variety of issues, regions, and nations. It’s like a scaffold that you can use to pray for your concerns, your mission organizations, and your non-Christian contacts, framed by the four key pillars of the Lausanne Movement as a way to cover a different region each month.

Download Prayer Guide: English, Español, Português, 한국어, Français

We invite you to pray with us for these four key reasons:

  1. We invite you to pray with us for the gospel for every person, starting with your own family and neighborhood who do not yet know Jesus Christ.
  2. We invite you to pray for disciple-making churches for every people and place, praying that God would multiply the church, asking him to raise up church planters and doing that within your own congregation.
  3. We invite you to pray for Christ-like leaders for every church, asking God to disciple us and train us, and to pray for Bible colleges and church leadership around us.
  4. We invite you to pray for kingdom impact in every sphere of society, including missionary agencies, community organizations, media, law, and many different spheres, and doing this in partnership between each of us as Christian agencies.

Over the month we hope it’s a simple way to cover lots of different prayer needs. If you are on your church prayer roster, you might like to take one pillar and pray that in the first week of the month, and then maybe the second pillar in the second week of the month, and so on.

Or you may like to join with us and pray using the PrayerMate app. Just look up the word ‘Lausanne’ and you’ll find various prayer activities and requests listed there. We would like to invite you to share these prayer requests with others around you.

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I want to pray for us as the church, as we seek to start and launch this prayer activity and this invitation. Please share and join and pray with me.

Gracious Heavenly Father, I pray your bride, your body of people, the church, that she would seek your name to be glorified above all else. Make known your ways and the gospel of your saving Christ through Jesus Christ to all nations. Work through her to proclaim your call for all people to repentance, faith, baptism, and obedient discipleship. We ask you to mobilize this your church so that every person hears the gospel. Send her into your world with the power of your Holy Spirit to reflect your character and compassion for the love and the needy, of those in all of creation. Give her the courage to continually strive for your justice and peace to reign until you return. Raise up Christ-like leaders for this church so that she can multiply and grow more disciples, making churches for all peoples. Embolden her voice so that your kingdom impact is known in every sphere of society. Stir us by your Word and your will to live out a prayer-filled life by your grace, through your power, for your purposes, and to your glory. Amen.

Sarah Plummer is chair of the Lausanne Intercession Working Group and is a senior chaplain with the Specialist Commands in New South Wales. She lives in Sydney, Australia.