One of the greatest challenges facing the church is to address the need of people everywhere to live lives of health and wholeness (shalom). This was at the very heart of Jesus’ ministry on earth as demonstrated by his integration of preaching, teaching, and discipling with works of deliverance and healing. Jesus practiced care of the whole person—body, soul, and spirit—in the individuals’ social context. And he expected his disciples and his church to continue this form of ministry. Unfortunately, dualism (separating our faith from the rest of our lives) as well as a reductionist attitude (oversimplifying complex situations and phenomena) has crept into the thinking and activities of the church and into the attitudes of many who treat diseases.

How can the whole church recapture this more integrated and holistic calling, working together for the healing of the nations? We propose:

  • Collaborating with a cross-disciplinary group of theologians, missiologists, pastors, anthropologists, sociologists, educators, and Christian healthcare professionals in various fields including global health, community health, tertiary healthcare, mental health, and more
  • Connecting with community-based initiatives, hospitals, consultations, groups supporting health workers and health policy advocacy, local congregations, and other ministries related to biblical health, healing, and wholeness
  • Discerning and understanding how ministries of health, healing, and wholeness are demonstrated in the Bible
  • Coordinating regional forums/workshops
  • Employing research and developing best practices

‘We call on all local Christian communities to demonstrate respect for the unique dignity and sanctity of human life, by practical and holistic caring which integrates the physical, emotional, relational and spiritual aspects of our created humanity.’ The Cape Town Commitment (II-A-6)

Webinar: COVID-19 and the Majority World

The Health for All Nations issue network hosted ‘COVID-19 and the Majority World’, a 90-minute webinar on Friday April 17 2020. The recording of this webinar as well as the presentation slides have been made available.

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