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Health for All Nations

Episode Overview

This Classroom episode is on Health for All Nations. The Lausanne Global Classroom examines the gospel issue of health for all nations. One of the greatest challenges facing the Church is to address the need of people everywhere to live lives of health and wholeness (shalom). This was at the very heart of Jesus’ ministry on earth as demonstrated by his integration of preaching, teaching, and discipling with works of deliverance and healing. Jesus practiced care of the whole person-body, soul, and spirit-in the individuals’ social and environmental context. And he sent his disciples and the Church to continue this form of integrated ministry. Unfortunately, dualism (separating body and soul, deed and word, life and faith) as well as a reductionist attitude (oversimplifying complex situations and phenomena) has crept into the thinking and activities of the church and into the attitudes of many who are concerned about healing and professionally treat diseases. This episode examines how the whole Church can recapture a more integrated and whole person calling, working together for the healing of the nations.

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