Mental Health, Spiritual Healing and the Church

6 Apr 2024 Online

Mental Health problems are the leading cause of ill health around the world and the body of Christ is not exempt. Hear Dr Joy Maria Wilson addressing the church on this important topic.

Mental Health problems are the leading cause of ill health around the world and the body of Christ is not exempt. The Lord Jesus healed the mentally ill at the start of his ministry (Matt 4:24), therefore God’s servants must be equipped to effectively minister to not just the spiritual needs of people but their mental health challenges as well. 

While facilitating psychoeducational workshops, Dr Wilson offers a cognitive behavioral therapeutic approach to intervention that is not just clinically excellent, but biblically based. 

Dr Joy Maria Wilson,* Transformational Leader, is a sought-after Leadership Development and Counseling Consultant, who is very passionate about enhancing human character, developing leaders and transforming culture through psychoeducation, coaching, mentoring, research and writing.

She is a Board Certified Master Mental Health Coach (BCMMHC), Presidential Member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC) and Member of the International Christian Coaching Association (ICCA), University Adjunct and Counsellor Educator/Psychoeducational Trainer serving government and private organizations. She is the author of Ministering to Victims of Incest: A Model for Church Response (2017) and Jesus Removed my Grave Clothes (2018). 

Dr Wilson, a seminary student, has been serving the body of Christ as a Practical Bible teacher since 2006. She has volunteered with several international Christian non-profit organizations and is the Chairperson for the Guyana National Board of an international non-profit organization, member of the Caribbean leadership team of another and member of the network to end domestic violence of a third. She and her husband are the co-founders of a family life and community development non-profit organization. 

Dr Wilson and her husband have been married for over 36 years. Together they have four adult children and are grandparents. She enjoys cooking, reading, swimming, interacting with and helping people.

*Doctor of Transformational Leadership (DTL) (Cultural Transformation), 2015 (
MSc Counselling Psychology, 2010, UWI Cave Hill (
BSc Social Work, 2006, UG (