Singapore 87: A Conference of Younger Leaders

2 - 10 Jun 1987 Singapore

Recognizing the need to connect and energize young leaders around the world in the cause of world evangelization, the Lausanne Movement brought together nearly 300 young evangelical leaders from more than 60 nations for Singapore 87: A Conference of Young Leaders.

While no official report was issued from the Conference, learn more about the gathering from the personal reflections of Ramez Atallah (Singapore 87 Program Coordinator), from a statement given by Brian Stiller (Singapore 87 Chairman) during a press conference, and from the reflections of Joel Heck (Singapore 87 participant and editor of Evangelism).

The Conference was seen by many as a significant step forward in “passing the torch” of leadership to the next generation.  Many of the then young leaders who attended Singapore 87 remain strategically involved in the Lausanne Movement, including:

  • Doug Birdsall, Lausanne Movement Executive Chair
  • Ramez Atallah, Lausanne III Programme Committee Chair
  • Ajith Fernando, Lausanne Theology Working Group
  • Peter Kuzmic, Lausanne III Advisory Council, Lausanne Theology Working Group
  • Roger Parrott, Lausanne Movement Treasurer
  • Susan Perlman, Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism
  • Brian Stiller, 2007 Budapest Reunion of Lausanne Singapore 87 Alumni
  • And others

The most recent Lausanne gathering of Young Leaders was the 2006 Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering in Malaysia.

Singapore 87 Daily Updates

2 June 1987 – Update 1(.pdf format, 3.62mb)
  • Younger Leaders Gather
  • Passing the Torch
  • The Making of a Leader
  • Workshops: A Chance to Work Together
  • Here at Last!
3 June 1987 – Update 2(.pdf format, 2.48mb)
  • Networking: Building Bridges
  • How to “Network”
  • Small Groups Develop Relationships
  • Leadership Models from the Book of Acts
4 June 1987 – Update 3(.pdf format, 4.65mb)
  • Participants from Around the World
  • Integrity More Important Than Success in Leadership
  • 1989 Congress Participant Selection
  • United Prayer for World Evangelization
  • Met Around the Conference
5 June 1987 – Update 4(.pdf format, 4.96mb)
  • Spiritual Warfare in World Evangelization
  • The Leader and Family
  • How Has Singapore 87 Helped Your Vision?
  • Wang Urges Strategy Approach to World Evangelization
  • Pentecost Sunday, 7 June 1987
7 June 1987 – Update 5(.pdf format, 3.67mb)
  • The Priority of Prayer
  • Depth and Breadth
  • Regional Groups Report
  • Kingdom-Seekers, Not Empire-Builders
8 June 1987 – Update 6(.pdf format, 4.61mb)
  • Expanding the Kingdom of God
  • On the Cutting Edge of World Evangelization
  • Relationships
  • Singapore 87 Almost Canceled
  • How Has Singapore 87 Influenced Your Life?
  • Stott on Bible and Culture
9 June 1987 – Update 7(.pdf format, 3.26mb)
  • Without Cooperation, the Task is Impossible
  • Reaching the Unreached
  • What is Lausanne?
  • The Gospel in a World of Change
10 June 1987 – Update 8(.pdf format, 4.53mb)
  • Evangelicals Called to Evangelize the Oppressed
  • Reaching the Cities
  • Networking
  • What Has Singapore 87 Meant for You?
  • Self-sufficient Difficult to Reach
  • Heard at the Workshops