14 Oct 2023 Online

LausanneARTS+ is an invitation to engage and respond to the urgent and critical issues facing our world, specifically via the Freedom and Justice, Creation Care, Children and Family, Children-at-Risk, Workplace Ministry, and Arts Lausanne Issue Networks.

Join them for a virtual gathering on October 14 at 09:00 am EST (view all time zones) to get an idea of what this is all about, to ask questions pertaining to next steps and collaborating, and pray for one another and our ministries.

“Unmute” is an invitation to gather with fellow art-practitioners and scholars seeking to build a Beautiful world, to reframe in fresh and compelling ways our understanding of key issues obstructing God’s vision for the Church, and to invite the world to reimagine fresh and compelling artistic solutions to some of the most pressing problems facing our world as ways to invite the world to robust participation in the ongoing creative work of our Creator God in the world.